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Francesca Liberatore Autumn Winter 2019/20 photo by Giuseppe Spena

Francesca Liberatore Autumn Winter 2019/20 collection: a journey into space

by Maria Elena Zannini  . photo by Giuseppe Spena
In the evocative setting of the Sala delle Cariatidi at the Palazzo Reale in the heart of the city of Milan, next to the Duomo cathedral, takes place Francesca Liberatore’s fashion show for the Fall Winter 2019/20 collection.

The Fall Winter 2019/20 collection by Francesca Liberatore coincides with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, but there is a curious aspect that is interpreted in the collection by the designer. The event is in fact seen through the eyes of the little dog Laika who was sent into space in 1957.

The journey into space is the main theme of the Fall Winter 2019/20 collection, but it is a space not only seen as a distant place but also as a place for reflection.Francesca Liberatore Autumn Winter 2019/20 The catwalk therefore pays homage to this distant planet made of essentiality, water-repellent fabrics, along with continuous references to the aforementioned Laika. All this characterized by the constant absence of zip, buttons and closures.

In the Fall Winter 2019/20 collection, the designer decided to give the go-ahead for velcro and large volumes, jacquard fabrics, a signature by Francesca Liberatore, along with wool, lurex, printed silks, furs and precious details.

The most characteristic detail of this collection signed by Francesca Liberatore, however, is the iconic “helmet” of an astronaut embellished with glamorous details and worn by the models in numerous outfits during the show.Francesca Liberatore Autumn Winter 2019/20 As for the colors that characterized the Fall Winter collection 2019/20 Francesca Liberatore makes black, the color of space, predominant, then accompanied by bright orange, the saturated lilac and green. Colors are mixed with metallic highlights and pixel prints.

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