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The brand Laura Biagiotti Fall Winter 2019/20

The brand Laura Biagiotti celebrates and tells it’s story in the Fall Winter 2019/20 Collection

by Maria Teresa Verderami . photo by Giuseppe Spena
Confidence, attitude, elegance and femininity are only a few of the key words that help telling Laura Biagiotti’s Fall Winter 2019/20 Collection.

There is no attempt to show off or alteration, since they don’t convey the essence of a confident and refined woman.

Lavinia Biagiotti’s main intention is to rediscover fashion’s cultural heritage by establishing a new elegance and the comeback to a sophisticated equilibrium. 

The typical Biagiotti Woman doesn’t allow her clothing to overbear her, it’s actually herself who uses it as an expression tool, also by choosing comfortable pieces who perfectly apt with her lifestyle.

The collection proves to be extremely contemporary by including the coulisse pants who fit both for daytime and nighttime, nevertheless the designer doesn’t renounce to include the voluminous and colored iconic dress by the Roman based Maison.Laura Biagiotti Winter 2019/20The dresses, jumpers and outerwear are characterized by the presence of the monogram designed by Madame Biagiotti herself in 1875, that appears in the textures, printed on silk or improved in the sunglasses, also playing a structural role into bags, boots, sunglasses and belts.

The paisley makes a vintage shoutout by modernizing itself and becoming graphic decorating pants and jackets enriched with light fringes.

The woman who wears Laura Biagiotti however doesn’t neglect her sensuality, portrayed with the seductive lace and shimmering silk of the slip dresses who enhance the brightness of skin.

The night is enlightened by the unmistaken “Bianco Biagiotti” that prevails on black with its soft, slip and wrapping silhouettes, shimmering in crystal embroidery, a slight reminder to the northern lights.Pat ClevelandPat Cleveland surprises the audience in a celebration to women in closing the show, dancing on the timeless symphony of Whitney Houston voice in “I’m Every Woman” concluding with a festive and moving finale.

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