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Scostumata beachwear & Tenet Unique Chameleon collection

Tenet Unique & Scostumata Multibikini: Create your look

by Eli Zen
Tenet Unique coats and Scostumata Multibikini, are two innovative handmade Italian brands you can customize as you better prefer to create your own look into a special one.

These fashionable interchangeable brands offer the possibility to create your outfit with multiple items in one, combining craftsmanship and innovation, creativity and functionality, stylish ideas and freedom of expression, depending on the desire and the mood of every single woman.

With Scostumata Multibikini you can create 30 outfits, buying just one bikini realized in many fabrics, double-face, special prints, innovative lycra and lots of colors, mixing and changing your classic look and transforming it whenever you want into a dynamic, stylish , modern fashionable woman.Scostumata beachwear                                   Scostumata Multibikini
Lorenza Fidelio, the young designer from Sicily, first started this project producing the bikini for herself, then she decided to patent it into a real brand she started to sell on the market.

Tenet Unique is a start-up collection that is born on February 2018, an adjustable coat you can create and combine as you prefer.
Laura Carpani in partnership with her father, the founders of Comonext are the creators of this brand .

The two developed a business project which had been presented to the tender “From the idea to the enterprise – 2017” held by the Chamber of Commerce of Como.Tenet Unique Chameleon collection                                     Tenet Unique Chameleon collection
Tenet Unique can be realized in 6 different outfits and with 300 hundreds different colors in scuba fabrics, (neoprene), a technological material for its aesthetic and functional properties, soft-touch, which is breathable and water-repellent and windproof. It was selected among the 5 winners for their creativity and functionality.

Both brands are perfect to create a special look you can transform at any age, young, fresh, colorful, sexy or classic up to your own style and mood.

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