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New Fendi Fall Winter collection 2019/20, Karl Lagerfeld gives his goodbye

by Camilla Valentini
The new Fendi Fall Winter 2019/20 collection is the latest collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The designer’s life has always been characterized by a great dedication and a perennial search for beauty, which is reflected in the new Fendi collection.

Karl Lagerfeld has always been a visionary, he has always succeeded in capturing the changing times and giving an interpretation of the latter through fashion. For the new Fendi collection, he left his last trace: a romantic silk scarf and the cursive logo designed in 1981 “Karligraphy” that has become a monogram on furs, shift dresses, tulle coveralls and leather outerwear.Karl Lagerfeld . Fendi Fall Winter 2019/20 collectionFundamental elements of the new Fendi collection are transparencies, neutral colors, the inevitable trompe l’oeil and the triumphant silhouette in its simplicity. We can find shirts with pointed collars that button up high, always to celebrate Karl, combined with pleated trousers.

Karl Lagerfeld also leaves his latest signature on accessories: the Baguette is transformed into embossed paint, with a functional shoulder strap while the Peekaboo recalls the geometries and carving techniques featured in the collection.Fall/Winter collection 2019/20, Karl Lagerfeld At the end of the show a small clip show Karl Lagerfeld recalling the first time he arrived in Rome and at Fendi, drawing his look down to the smallest details. So Silvia Venturini Fendi says goodbye to this great designer who meant much more to her. Between Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld was the longest love story in the history of fashion, and this bond is celebrated in this latest farewell show, and will continue to live for years to come. With these words Silvia Venturini Fendi celebrates Karl Lagerfeld and his new collection.

Adieu Karl, merci.

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