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Alexstorm & F/FFFFFF - Xi’an Fashion Town

Xi’an International Fashion Town arrives in Milan for the fashion week

by Giovanna Fusco . photo  by Giuseppe Spena
On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, Xi’an International Community (XAIC), Tande Real Estate and CHIC Group present the project “Xi’an International Fashion Town”.

The Fashion Hub in via Olona, ​​in fact, hosted the creations of seven designers Chinese emerging: Scale 79 Studio, Muzkin, Vmajor, Zynggati, Lanneret, F / FFFFFF and Alexstorm, sanctioning the first collaboration experience between CNMI and a Chinese Characteristic Town.It was a real success!Alexstorm - Xi’an Fashion Town Xi’an International Fashion Town . Alexstorm
Xi’an International Fashion Town represents a very ambitious project: Xi’an International Community Construction Development Co. (XAIC), Xi’an Tande Real Estate Development Co. and CHIC Group have the common goal of creating opportunities for new talent, since fashion is constantly evolving and the capacity of a brand lies in bringing out what is new, while at the same time showing its personality.

The project was designed with the aim of becoming the best possible ecosystem where to grow and enhance creative talents, brands and fashion-tech companies that are local, national and international.F/FFFFFF - Xi’an Fashion TownXi’an International Fashion Town . F/FFFFFF
“It is a challenge that has become reality, thanks to the commitment of the Government and private individuals,” says Leon Xu, quantifying the initial investment for the project at around € 12 billion. “Innovation, art, design and technology, but also sustainability and social responsibility will live here – continues Leon Xu -. We want to realize a high level model for fashion innovators».

The Xi’An Fashion Town will thus be equipped with an Exhibition Center, which will act as a showroom and location for fairs, events and fashion shows, as well as a networking space.

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