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Eleventy Fall Winter 2019/20: the classic in a modern key

by Maria Elena Zannini . photo by Giuseppe Spena
Eleventy chooses for the Fall Winter 2019/20 women’s collection to reinterpret the classic in a modern key, and does so using high quality precious fabrics such as cashmere, alpaca, mohair, silk, worked by the skilled ands of Italian artisans.

The choice of colors for Eleventy Fall Winter 2019/20 garments ranges from neutral tones such as camel, pebble or snow, reaching warmer tones such as orange and caramel flanked by blues and grays: a true chromatic elegance.EleventyCoats of different lengths, dry and oversized volumes to be matched with long jackets to wear with belts on the waist or with slim jackets along with softer pants.

Knitwear and sweatshirts by Eleventy Fall Winter 2019/20 in precious fabrics and handcrafted, the touch of light that gives a refined detail is fundamental.

The Eleventy Fall Winter 2019/20 woman is dynamic and ready to face every occasion of her day, thanks to everyday silk jersey dresses that become longer and more fluid on special occasions.

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