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Manuele Canu

Manuele Canu debuts in Milan with his first collection a mix in between past and future


by Eli Zen . photo by Giuseppe Spena
The collection of the young Sardinian designer Manuele Canu makes his debut in Milan highlighting his sartorial talent due to his past experience in haute couture.
The collection expresses the ability to choose fabrics, to work the warp and weft, demonstrating its ultra-decade skill in high fashion and talent..

The credit goes to his former teacher Nietta Condemi (his inspiring muse from Nuoro a village of Sardinia) of the Nuoro art Institute Francesco Ciusa.Manuele Canu She was able to highlight his passion for fashion. Since he was 17th years’ old, Manuele was fascinated by the manufacturing of Sardinian clothes and fashion magazines.

The designer, thanks to his experience in embroideries for the royal houses and for the Vatican, has been able to realize his dream, to create a collection that shows all his talent for its high quality in fabrics and minimal lines.

Thanks to his professional experience he arrived in Milan presenting the collection in February, “Manuele Canu Milano” he debuted during the Milan fashion week in February in the evocative setting of the “Fabbrica del Vapore“.

Strong of its roots, Manuele interprets an elegant and refined woman, strong and conscious, even nostalgic, through the details of fabrics and accessories of the past.Manuele Canu The project was born during the summer of the year 2018 when the designer decided to devote himself to his project launching his collection rich in cuts, shapes and details.

Characterized by a sartorial manufacturing with strong influences from his land, Manuele’s style is also romatic like a woman traveling on the Orient express.

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