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The seventh effort, the transfiguration, Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

by Giorgia Crescia .  photo © by Sheet
Andreas Kronthaler draws for the seventh time for Vivienne Westwood, the new Autumn Winter 2019/20 collection. A very modern collection, which is inspired by reuse and which draws on the past of the same designer.

In this line the product has been restored to its essence, through the re-use of what already existed or by-products that would otherwise have been unused. Hand-painted fabrics made in Burkina Fasu.Andreas Kronthaler has specially recreated slippers, typical of the village in which he grew up, as a piece to match the new collection. It was important for the designer to be able to use the capital of fabrics he collected for thirty years.

The brand dedicates the line to our society’s need for space due to the extreme consumerism that suffocates humanity.
7 is the title of Andreas Kronthaler’s seventh collection for Vivienne Westwood, apparently very difficult to draw, the designer has in fact talked about the obstacle of the seventh season, the transfiguration.

Kronthaler states that fashion is a tonic that refreshes individuality.
Silver and red leather, headdresses with hanging fringes that recall African cultures and hats with an Arabic character, geometric patterns, warm colors, beige, pink, brown, red but also blue and black.

Dressed in various moments; wide sleeves, white cloaks and addition of fabrics almost resting on top of other garments and with parts that almost seem to
fall  blue and black.Vestiti conInside the new collation there are sweaters with motifs that start from the head as to form a hood that is not separated from the neck of the sweater, dresses with a sweetheart neckline cut asymmetrically on the skirt and with shooting at the ends; outfits in shades of pink with an oversize jacket, a skirt in a tailored suit, this too large, accompanied by a darker shirt held outside the skirt with larger than normal buttons, checked suits that mix extreme innovation with motifs almost classically inspired.

Again, in the Autumn Winter 2019/20 line we find a burqa style dress with a floral motif, coordinated with a veil covering the head of different motifs. Jackets with exaggeratedly oversized shoulders, huge capes, skirts accompanied by underlying leather fabric.

All extra large. Once again a line that is striking for its revolutionary and reactionary character, which rebels against the classic socially idealized type. A line that sensitizes against the extreme consumerism of society that causes useless waste and noisy pollution.

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