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Andomarca, the Silvian Heach best seller denim

by Eli Zen
The Silvian Heach brand enters the fashion world with a great commercial success in the year 2002 thanks to the union of the two founding partners Mena Marano and Giuseppe Ammaturo who founded the Arav group.

A stylish but at the same time easy to wear collection characterized by careful research into details, young and transversal with a competitive cost. “Andomarca” is born, the authentic iconic garment jeans that cannot be missed in the wardrobe of every young woman and above all by the most passionate of the brand.  Silvian Heach “Calligraphy” is the trend of the street style moment, being able to “customize” one’s own garment to make it more unique and cooler.The advertising images convey this strong visual impact of a young and competitive girl who makes her look her style. The denim line by Silvian Heach is an easy to wear proposal, which can be personalized through calligraphy, a new project that makes it possible to make your jeans special, depending on the taste and name of the customer. We are talking about “Andomarca”, the denim model flared with contrasting side stripes and that can be customized with your name, requesting it from the brand’s retailers or directly on their website www.silvianheach.com. The must-haves of the collection are finishes, applications and attention to detail.

The Andromarca jeans, best seller and push up of the new collection can become special through the calligraphy by placing your name with a maxi lettering on the back pockets in the colors of white, black, red and blue metal.

Testimonial of the new Andomarca model is Nicole Mazzocato, TV face and protagonist of the Silvian Heach brand.

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