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Cowboys live in the space – Fal Winter 2019/2020 collection

Cowboys live in the space – Philipp Plein Fall Winter 2019/20 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
Dear readers and readers, today on this hot June day I want to give you some anticipation for next winter’s trends, don’t you want to be caught unprepared? In particular Today I will talk about the main trends of the Philipp Plein Fall Winter 2019 fashion show: fringes and tartan.

Philipp Plein’s cowboy leaves the Old Wild West and moves into space. His style becomes exaggerated with very long fringes on garments and accessories to which are added metal inserts, crystals and suede leather parts. The cowboy embraces the future and does so by wearing typical acid colors from the 90s that are now very trendy.

In addition to fringes, the cowboy mood is also recognizable in boots of different heights, in belts, in patches with Swarovski and in saddle bags. The mood is explained also by the fabrics: denim, beige and black suede or leather mixed with silk and patent. The garments are often enriched by crystals and stones.TARTAN
Philipp Plein’s tartan is punk / western! The yellow / black color combined with the western cut of the garments is a success. The classic checked pattern is redesigned on the “Plein” lettering or printed on latex. In the Fall Winter 2019/20 collection by Phillipp Plein the tartan is also knitted for neon sweaters but above all it reaches its maximum elegance when it is reproduced with sequins like on the blazer.

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