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Women and Poker: when elegance is victorious

Maria Ho . Pokernews.comAnyone who thinks that poker is exclusively a men’s game has obviously never met a woman sitting at the green table: in fact, nowadays, many female players have achieved to prove their full potential at the green table, winning world tournaments and competitions.

Women, and it couldn’t be otherwise, are skilled strategists, since they manage to combine a natural tactical sharpness with a charm that manages to enchant the other players present at the table. Never lower defenses facing a female poker player, otherwise the risk is that she will take home everything that is up for grabs. The women’s characteristics, having more patience and reasoning ability than men on so many occasions, match perfectly with the game of poker, in which burning before time is never a good deal.

Well, women have shown that they know how to deal with poker since Ancient Rome: although at that time it was difficult to see women sitting at the table playing with men, there were the first steps towards an important cultural evolution. In Ancient Rome only wealthy women had the privilege to find themselves playing poker within their own homes, or on the occasion of the Bona Dea festival. It was Nero who eliminated any prohibition for women to participate in public games.

One of the most important poker players who wrote the history of this sport undoubtedly answers to the name of Maria Ho, a woman of Taiwanese-American origins, who managed to make her way in this world even entering the Poker Hall of Fame, being able to collect a bundle of winnings that exceeds 3 million and 800 thousand dollars in live tournaments. Busy with the Las Vegas WSOP, currently ongoing up to July 15, Maria Ho has always been one of the green table style icons.

Before the big players’ boom, however, there had been a phase in which they managed to carve out the role of dealer in a large amount of casinos. The dealers that all fans should know are Shirley Brancucci, the first female dealer in Las Vegas, without forgetting Claudine Willliams, who managed to open a gaming club and is the first woman to enter the “Nevada Gaming Hall of Fame”. The first woman who could boast among her properties even a strip bar in Las Vegas was, instead, Judy Bayley.Since 1977, that is the year in which the first Worlds Series of Poker was dedicated exclusively to women, the situation changed radically, generating some stars that still shine in the Olympus of this sport. Among others we must not forget Vanessa Selbst: it is the only woman in the whole planet who was able to reach the first position in the Global Poker Index. And what about Kathy Liebert, the one who managed to get her hands on the first Pary Poker Million, a particular competition born in 2002 that includes the most important poker players and that gives away a prize pool of 1 million dollars.Vanessa Rousso Photo by World Poker TourAnnette Obrestad is the youngest player to have worn the WSOP bracelet in the 2007 edition. Annie Duke also made history, taking home the gold bracelet during the 2004 WSOP. Vanessa Rousso, better known by her nickname of “Lady Maverick” and who also took part in Big Brother, managed to become a professional player in 2005, but dedicated her entire life to poker. Even in the digital age, with the numerous tournaments organized online, women have clearly made themselves recognized.The world of fashion couldn’t not intertwine with that of poker. The perfect symbol of this match is surely Beth Shak, one of the most beautiful American players, who has never hidden from having a great passion for shoes, especially those to wear in summer, and for some time she has been collaborating with a large number of magazines in fashion, including the famous Cosmopolitan.

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