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Marco Baldassari models . Eleventy Spring Summer 2020

In search of balance: Eleventy presents the new Spring Summer 2020 men’s collection

by Giovanna Fusco
The new Eleventy collection speaks of contrasts, where evolution and tradition, dream and reality, past and present, blend together in search of balance.

Atmospheric pollution, climate change, environmental degradation: these are some of the most serious and worrying problems of our times and this is the focus of the Eleventy project, which has always focused on sustainable and intelligent innovation.

We have also avoided chemical washing and polluting dyes even in the case of black jeans that we are among the few to produce in Italy where the law is rightly very strict and industrial dyes prohibit the use of certain dyes and impose supercostose production systems and purification plants . From here to the reflection on the fashion phenomena of our time, the step was short. Streetwear and atleisure are undoubtedly the most new and interesting themes of men’s fashion. We have made a history of sartorial constructions, styling and details, of research understood as necessity. Our streetwear offers the same unparalleled comfort as a gym suit, but it doesn’t lose an ounce of aplomb and the true, priceless elegance of a jacket. Instead, our atleisure does not involve the use of classic laboratory yarns dear to this sector, but ensures the same performance with a wise mix of ethics and aesthetics. In short, we cannot say that we have created an eco-sustainable collection, but we have certainly applied a sort of sustainability report to every choice. We think of the habit as a habitat for man, something to protect and preserve. Because there is always a Plan B, but there is no planet B. “In search of balance: Eleventy presents the new Spring Summer 2020 men's collectionDenim is certainly a flagship item in the collection, around which the values ​​of the brand revolve and which goes through all the phases of modernity:

Right Hand Carded, a carded fabric from 14 ounces with a slight color change to shades of red in the texture for a seventies appearance.

Right Hand Black Carbon, the classic black jeans dear to the rock epic and to all the youth movements of the twentieth century subjected to exclusive treatments for a “real vintage” look enhanced by the stitching.

Right Hand Crosshatch, a recycled fabric (green cast) from 13 ounces historically used in the early 1960s for a special optical effect chambray.

Right Hand Selvadge, the peach tone that distinguishes the stitching becomes disruptive in the chain stitch that emerges from the belt rigorously fitted to the trimmer. This creates a play of light and shadows typical of 50s vintage garments but with a pure modernity fit.

The most important item in the collection is the jacket, a must-have for every circumstance and age, to be combined with a t-shirt linen or hemp, or with sweatshirts. There are also some camouflage pieces: coppola, backpack, fitted trousers and a special field jacket.

The accessories represent an important and necessary element of the collection: hats, in paper-fabric instead of the old straw, cotton or rain system wool, bags, backpacks, accessories. We add a line of glasses produced in collaboration with Mazzucchelli, an ancient Venetian artisan eyewear manufacture.

Eleventy demonstrates once again how important it is to contribute to starting research in order to minimize environmental pollution. Thus sustainable fashion becomes extremely important: the individual has the duty to consider every precious and unique resource, and therefore to be protected. This is Eleventy’s message.

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