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Ellementi Spring Summer 2019 collection

Naturalness and impulse, the EllemenTi Flash Collection – Spring Summer 2019 Collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
It’s officially a law, white is always a summer color! Even Lisa Tigano, young EllemenTi designer, who proposed her version of the little white dress for Spring Summer 2019.

The essential design but full of details typical of the brand is expressed in this sleeveless dress in 100% light cotton enriched by the designer’s signature, the side bow that emphasizes the elegance of the garment. A perfect compromise for the hot summer days to mix with comfortable flat sandals or loafers but also good in a sporty version with sneakers as recommended by the brand.Ellementi Spring Summer 2019 collectionThe dress I told you about is part of the broader Spring Summer 2019 collection composed of garments that have the same essentiality as the one described; trapezoidal cuts and fresh, light and completely natural fabrics are the main features of the latest EllemenTi collection.

The Flash Collection for Spring Summer 2019 was born thanks to a memory that Lisa wanted to share with us, a mnemonic flash that brought her back to images and events that triggered her creativity, like the time her mother gave her a box full of colors and pens and she decided to paint her arms instead of the sheets.

The naturalness of a gesture of childish creativity is summed up in the hand-made knit, in the buttons sometimes covered with the same natural fabric as the garment, a bow that seems to have been just closed by hand, the softness of the cuts that however mark the female body in the points that enhance it, creating a sensual softness.Ellementi Spring Summer 2019 collectionEven the accessories want to abandon their most artificial version to become essential: the necklace is in fact made of two semicircles of transparent plastic or covered in copper held together by gros-grain bows.

The bow characterizes the entire collection but also the buttons and ribbons become essential as suspenders for the garments. The naturalness, key to the EllemenTi Flash Collection for Spring Summer 2019, is also expressed in the transparency of PVC which makes us forget its artificiality, perfectly combining with the purity of cotton, giving an urban tone to the outfits.

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