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Spyder Spring Summer 2020 men's collection

Spyder’s spider only lays on cool clothes – Spring Summer 2020 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
This is a brand that has founded its roots in sportswear and has then transformed its research and its tradition into a lifestyle which is really trendy today. Spyder presents a new collection for Spring Summer 2020 that anticipates a further stylistic renewal of the brand that is making its sports origins a base to launch garments that can be defined urban in style and comfort.

Let’s start with the Spyder figure: the Techwear line fully expresses all the energy expended by the brand in research & development and the motivation behind the line is to create clothes that are increasingly in line with the improvement in performance while maintaining a contemporary and recognizable style.

A selection of anti-drip and windproof materials characterize the collection which is stylistically determined by reflective effects, textures that recall marble combined with black accents, all combined according to the layering rule creating a clear connection with streetwear.Spyder Spring Summer 2020 men's collectionSpyder’s Performance line is dedicated entirely to performance, its aim is the development of comfortable garments designed to accompany movement and give the right amount of compression.

The Spring Summer 2020 collection of the Performance line consists of training and racing outfits in bright orange, green and red tones contrasted with black and white spots with geometric color blocks. The garments are enriched by the symbol of the brand, the black spider.

The Lifestyle line, the result of the creative genius of Christopher Bevans, for its Spring Summer 2020 version is charged with vivacity inspired by the subway map summarized on the garments by contrasting graphic lines and bands, the cut of jackets, kway, tracksuits, tops and sweatshirts is essential and functional.

The palette of Spyder’s Lifestyle line for the Spring Summer 2020 mixes white, black, yellow, blue and pink in a pattern that seems to reproduce the sunset.

Spyder introduces in the Spring Summer 2020 collection garments dedicated to water sports in fluo colors or decorated with graphic and color block motifs. Peter Brunsberg then completed the collection designing accessories that reflect the brand’s mission to combine design with technological innovation.

Ergonomic lines and comfortable pockets for backpacks and bags while shoulder bags and pouches are full of style thanks to the bright colors and the prints.

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