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Evangelie Smyrniotaki, Caroline Issa, Linda Tol carrying the Arco_Paris Fashion Week, June 2019 . photo by Christian Vierig & Timur Emek

Fashion tips: the stars who love Bottega Veneta

by Adriana Zingone
Evangelie Smyrniotaki , Pernille Teisbaek and Chloé Harrouche carrying the Bottega Veneta Drop during the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks:
Evangelie Smyrniotaki carrying the Drop and wearing BV PF19 Paris Fashion Week - photo by Matthew Sperzel                                                                                                                          Evangelie Smyrniotaki

The Drop is an elegant bucket bag that blends a casual style with a renewed sense of refinement. The bag is characterized by unique stylistic elements. The closure is inspired by the tradition of the curved chain rings with an oversize proportion.

Curb chains are an iconic element in the jewelry that has been used by Daniel Lee in different styles this season. To close the bag it is necessary to insert a thin and elongated band in the ring. The length of the band allows you to wear The Drop on your shoulder or wrap it around your wrist. Presented in Calf hair and matte nappa, it is covered in suede for a clean and refined finish, which is almost unlined.

Chloé Harrouche , Tiffany Hsu and Caroline Issa carrying the Bottega Veneta Arco during the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Arco bag redefines the concept of Intrecciato with a econstructed and orthogonal process, giving a softer and more modern sensibility to the iconic Bottega Veneta motif. The bag is available in small, large and extra-large versions.Caroline Issa carrying the Arco_Paris Fashion Week, June 2019                                                                                                                      Caroline Issa

In contrast to the classic Braided, made with uniform leather strips, the width of the “tapes” used for Arco bag is proportional to the size of the bag itself, creating a subtle sense of balance.

The bag is made with a new variety of French Calf with a silky consistency, robust structure and natural appearance, a mix of features that are difficult to obtain on a single piece of leather and that gives this bag an additional touch of contemporary quality.

The French Calf “ribbons” are woven with suede in natural colors, leaving an unlined interior that reveals the precise construction, including the studs used to fasten the handles of the bag and the metal supports. The exterior is finished with delicate cream-colored saddle stitching.

The extra-large version, called Arco 75, is also available for men and is characterized by an alternation between French Calf and suede that creates a game of different textures.
The name of the bag was inspired by the Arco della Pace, the neoclassical arch in the heart of Milan.

The triumphal monument, completed in 1838, was the backdrop for the Fall 2019 fashion show, an iconic location that emphasized the Italian character of the brand. The silhouette of the Arco Bag is defined by a vaulted upper part recalled by the curve of the long tubular handles, given thanks to their original angular positioning.
The casual and relaxed nature of the Arco bag almost hides a complex craftsmanship: each bag is made from over 100 leathers. Chloé Harrouche , Pernille Teisbaek , Linda Tol Julie.
Linda Tol carrying the Pouch_Paris Fashion Week, June 2019 - photo by Christian Vierig                                                                                                                      Linda Tol

This season, Bottega Veneta presents The Pouch, one of the first two creations of Creative Director Daniel Lee for the brand. The oversize clutch has a rigid structure covered in soft leather that in a play of folds gives it a delicately rounded shape.

It is available in a palette that ranges from natural shades to more saturated-pop colors and in three different craftmanship: The Pouch in very soft Velvet Calf, presents the characteristic Intrecciato motif, signature of Bottega Veneta, the one in Butter Calf is made of smooth leather, while the Souple coconut version is composed of four skins meticulously worked to obtain the continuity of the scales.

Its mini version, called The Pouch 20, like the centimeters of its length, is also available in Velvet Calf Intrecciato, Butter Calf and Cocco Souple. An exceptional versatile accessory that can be used either as an elegant mini clutch, to be carried by hand or under the arm, or in a more functional version to organize the case.

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