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Yamamay beachwear . Crop top donna sangallo Simplicity - Shorts

Holidays: Wath should i pack? Exciting tips from Yamamay

It’s not unusual for tastes and trends to change from one summer to another. If you might have had a look at the Yamamay catalogue, then you definitely have seen the latest news in summer fashion.

While packing for a holiday, you may think you have everything you need only to find out your beach look needs some styling. We normally never put much thought into what we pack for holiday and it’s only when departure nears that we open our wardrobes and discover everything we own is either outdated, not nice anymore or worst case scenario, it doesn’t fit well.

Yamamay beachwear for instance, offers particular items for every style and occasion. The beach wear is perfect for vacation especially to show off during the summer time. Don’t be surprised to get a lot of stares as you arrive at the beach or walking around the shores of the ocean while sipping a fresh and colourful cocktail. With the sparkling and enchanting designs of Yamamay beachwear, every outfit has something to offer and it will surely leave one spoilt for choice.Yamamay beachwear . Crop top in denim - Street CrewShort pants, tops, shirts, long and short dresses, pareos, pants, overalls, blouses, sweaters, tank tops and costumes are all summer clothes available for women in Yamamay collection . This brand suits well for the woman with a strong personality looking to enhance their femininity and personality.

The wear is made of top quality materials, paying attention to each and every detail. Models are used to showcase exactly how the beachwear collection with fit to the wearer.

Yamamay beachwear is designed by creatives who make precise and sensual cuts having feminine lines to characterize the aesthetics of each beachwear. The collection is in line with the fashion trends to give every woman an original, fresh and irresistible look.

Whatever your style; casual or chic, you will have a wide range of ideas to satisfy your desire for beautiful and trendy clothes. Yamamay beach collection is rich and multifaceted with a number of fits either loose or tight to enhance the figure of the wearer.Yamamay beachwear . Crop top donna sangallo Simplicity - ShortsIf you are a woman who loves to play with her own style, following the latest fashion trends and showing off outfits that excellently express sensuality and desire for originality, then this is the wear for you. Let yourself be mesmerized by the curvaceous models who will urge you to express yourself by wearing summer clothes that Yamamay has created for you.

This year, the trend has shifted to shorts and wide shorts in particular, often with lace or fringe paired with androgynous-design shirts that reach the beginning of the thigh. Dresses that are reminiscent of hippy fashion with tie-dye or floral patterns are also in fashion. Additionally, you will see many kimono-style dressing gowns that are open or buttoned only in a few points that go well with very wide pants that wink at the minimal, as if they were sheets tied to one’s life with a simple bow.Yamamay beachwear . Vestito lungo a portafoglio - SimplicityWith Yamamay, you will not go wrong choosing a kaftan, a blouse or long skirts. These are timeless classics that go seemingly well with a nice hat and sunglasses to give a vintage look that is sought by many. Give a touch of freshness to your summer outfit by wearing high quality garments capable of impeccably interpreting the latest fashion trends.
Emphasize your personality by combining together the different models of the women’s beachwear, whose fine fabrics and trendy lines will give you nothing but the best. www.yamamay.com

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