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Idôle by Lancôme: the new feminine fragrance dedicated to self love

Idôle by Lancôme: the new feminine fragrance dedicated to self love

by Gaia Schiavetti
Today we talk about
Lancôme. The leading brand in beauty and perfumery has launched Idôle its new fragrance that celebrates the perfection of being naturally women appreciating fully, including flaws, making every little imperfection part of their own beauty.

The message is wonderful: Idôle by Lancôme urges every woman to become an idol of herself and celebrate herself in the simplicity of everyday life.According to Lancôme‘s Idôle, every woman is perfect because being “different” is a virtue and it can only be done by accepting her own naturalness in how she presents herself by emphasizing loving herself and taking care of herself.Idôle by Lancôme: the new feminine fragrance dedicated to self loveIt follows a seductive fragrance with prevailing floral and natural accents, almost as if to enclose the nature that represents the woman in a small bottle. The bottle is geometric and essential, thin and easy to hold and the mini sizes of 25 ml allow us to carry Idôle by Lancôme always with us.

The rose, which has always described women and seductive femininity, is one of the ingredients of this perfume: its thorns symbolize strength, a trait of the feminine personality that Idôle by Lancôme wants to enhance and celebrate. Even the bottle turns pink in a perfect harmony between perfume and color that gives Idôle by Lancôme a strong and iconic image.
“In simplicity lies strength” is the phrase that encompasses the philosophy behind the creation of Idôle by Lancôme which is much more than a fragrance, it is a hymn that is inserted in a period of strong attention around the feminine cause.Idôle by Lancôme: the new feminine fragrance dedicated to self loveThe fragrance opens with the top notes of a fresh sweetened bergamot, develops its heart between rose and cyclamen and reveals to its bottom notes of cedar, patchouli and vanilla. Idôle by Lancôme is gently revealed accompanying the nose to discover the elements of the fragrance that tells a story. Lancôme has always accompanied women in the long and winding road of discovery and enhanceo their beauty through beauty and perfumery products.

Today it returns to do it with Idôle by Lancôme, a powdery and floral fragrance to which he entrusts the communication and the diffusion of an immediate but precious and complicated message.
With each spray Lancôme would like to give energy to women and make them feel just like the rose that charms with its unmistakable scent and hurts with its strong thorns. These messages already emerge from the wonderful advertising campaign that accompanied the release of Lancôme’s Idôle.Idôle by Lancôme: the new feminine fragrance dedicated to self loveIn the commercial video a beautiful Zendaya, model, actress and singer, travels the city riding a beautiful white horse, symbol of strength and love for freedom.

In a dress matching the soft and romantic packaging, Zendaya riding his horse quickly escapes to a hill from which he observes the city and from which he celebrates this feeling of freedom by holding his Lancôme Idôle bottle in his hands. I recommend you watch the advertising campaign and let yourself be carried away by the philosophy of Idôle by Lancôme.

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