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MSTZ “The Nanny” Spring Summer 2020 collection

MSTZ “The Nanny” Spring Summer 2020 collection

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Nihilists, profoundly unconventional, skeptical by definition and cynical, Generation X encompasses all those kids of the 90s, years of grunge music and the MTV explosion.

It is an exposed and vulnerable culture, tendentially atheistic, tendentially anarchic, in which fashion has played a fundamental role and a drastic change, which has remained engraved in the fashion culture and which, periodically, returns to become part of trends.

These are the years of the legendary US sit-com winner of the Emmy Award for best costume design: “The Nanny“.MSTZ “The Nanny” Spring Summer 2020 collectionWho hasn’t loved the wacky protagonist? Bizarre in character and style, “The Nanny” has remained in the collective imagination, pushing the whole family on the sofa, hypnotized in front of the TV to cheer for her.

Eccentric, chatty, clumsy and eternally in search of love, The Nanny from the 90s is honored by MTSZ with tight mini dresses in bright fuchsia, illuminated on the décolleté by a swarovski cascade; in black with sequins for the evening.

Clinging to hugely short, the MTSZ dresses scream at the remake, because The Nanny is missing, out of sympathy and for that authenticity so true and honest, that playing to be her will be a real fun.

Green light for the most unusual prints, animal-print ruches to adorn the necks, blazer-dress with maxi-shoulder and colored satin lapels, tights with showy colors and sheath mini-skirts that rise with each wave of hips.MSTZ “The Nanny” Spring Summer 2020 collectionIt is a young, fresh collection, inspired by the “street” panorama but with ultra feminine details, such as dresses with stones with bezel, rhinestones, crystals, trimmings and sophisticated bright fabrics such as shiny silk satin, laminates, and glitter prints on denim.

MSTZ proposes a total look for both men and women, which sees the animator as a Dalmatian print. You will see, it will become the new catchphrase of the season!

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