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Semir X Dumpty “Smart Youth” Spring Summer 2020 collection

Semir X Dumpty “Smart Youth” Spring Summer 2020 collection

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Semir, a well-known brand from China, has unsealed a Global talents pro-ject. This season, the project discovers a Gen Z treasured designer group named Dumpty, and will release the collection of Semir designed by Dumpty at this Spring Summer 2020 Milan Fashion Week.

Semir X Dumpty fashion show will be the 22nd of September, Sala delle Cavallerizze, via Olona, 6.

By now Semir will be the first mass brand entering the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week with all world top luxury brands, and this also means a big step for Chinese brands joining global fashion industry.Semir X Dumpty “Smart Youth” Spring Summer 2020 collectionSemir design by Dumpty is a Smart Youth collection that reveals and represents the characteristics of Gen Z. Social media and hi-tech The collection aims to convey the current status of Chinese new youth. Young people are diversified by the impact of foreign cultures and their complex and comprehensive existence.

Unlike the previous generation, they are self-conscious and the purse what they like and live for themselves. They are closely connected on the web, games and electronics.

Semir Dumpty is founded by three Genz designers coordinated by the talented Ruru And Linbing. They pursue truth, courage and distinction.Semir X Dumpty “Smart Youth” Spring Summer 2020 collectionThey believe the world could be changed and the rules could be re-written, and creativity is the key to make things change. Dumpty Studio brand’s first show held in London during London Fashion Week, in 2016, and in the next years they a-chieved big results in media coverage, important collaborations and their presence in Chinese top shops.

Semir has been in the Chinese market for 22 years, followed by many young people. Observe and explore the interest in young people’s fashion and create fashionable clothing dedicated to them. Today it has a huge fan base and target types in China.

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