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Tiziano Guardini 2020 Spring Summer women's collection

Tiziano Guardini “Atlantis” Spring Summer 2020 Collection

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Back to Atlantis, in order to recover the connection with nature and between different people. This is Tiziano Guardini’s dream for Spring Summer 2020, a poetical vision translated by the roman designer into a practical and completely sustainable collection, realized in collaboration with some important players of the industry.

«I’m fascinated by the myth of Atlantis and I believe that it represents the ancestral bond between humanity and nature, a relationship that today is at risk. However I think it is also essential to promote connection between different individuals, spread awareness and generate mutual cooperation.Tiziano Guardini 2020 Spring Summer women's collectionI went and searched for companies, asking for their support in the creation of prints and fabrics: their answer has been enthusiastic», says the designer who in 2017 won the prestigious Franca Sozzani Green Carpet Challenge Fashion Award for his commitment to make green fashion.

Albini Donna, Aquafil, Isko, Mantero, Red and Swarovski are some of the fashion realities which helped Guardini in the making of items designed as a manifesto of strongly shared values.

Suits of marked sartorial precision wink at the male universe and mix together with fluctuating and extremely feminine dresses enriched by vivid colors, thereby evoking a dynamic woman, free from roles, with the sole desire to express, with liberty and joy, her love for life.

Among the materials that best encapsulate this philosophy there is “Peace silk” which, differently from traditional silk, uses only cocoons abandoned by the pupas, ready to take flight, after having completed their developmental cycle.

This commitment to sustainability has been accepted by the historic Mantero company, a weaving factory from Como specialized in the production of fabrics and luxuxy accessories for women, and has led them to search through their archives to create a pattern inspired by the legendary island under the sea.Tiziano Guardini 2020 Spring Summer women's collectionBy Guardini’s precise request, Mantero tried for the first time printing on bio and cruelty free silk, using a square screen-printing under Global Organic Textile Standard certification (GOTS), which guarantees the employment of criteria of ecologic and social nature throughout the entire production chain of the fabric.

This voyage in sustainability continues with Albini Donna, through polished and multicolor stripes created exclusively for Guardini using Tencel™, a fiber patented by Lenzing and extracted by cellulose originated from the eucalyptus forests in South Africa. Their farming is done sustainably under FCS international certification, specific for the forestry sector and for wood non forest derived products.

The collection sees a continuation of the partnership with Isko, one of the main denim producers on a global scale, which provided Genoa’s canvas made of 100% organic cotton from Earth Fit’s collection. The fabric was then lasered instead of printed in order to reduce the consumption of water, with the designs made by the artist Luigi Ciuffreda.

The reflection of light creatures and marine forms are the result of the partnership between Tiziano Guardini and Swarovski, which provided a selection of crystals in the exclusive «Advanced Crystals» formulation, compliant with the most rigorous eco-sustainability requirements.

“Listen to the EarthBeat” and “Love Me Again” are the claims “shouted” on the t-shirts, inviting who wears them to be proud of their sustainability: they are co-created with teeshare, a Made in Italy project of transparent weaning launched in 2012 by Francesca Mitolo that makes t-shirt in 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS.

The richness and preciousness of the sea is told decisively and preserved by Aquafil’s Econyl® yarn. A nylon yarn completely regenerated and capable of being generated again made by recovering fishing nets lost at sea, fabric scraps from mills and carpets destined for landfill. Guardini chose it for the third time and used it for all his most technical proposals in knitwear, his iconic wavy skirts and Muses’s hairstyles.

Red produced specifically for this collection socks in organic cotton, containing the smallest possible percentage of elastan.

Every item created thanks to the synergy between the designers and these companies will be delivered with an explicative label, relative to the sustainability of the material or of the manufacturing process.

When you walk through the arched entrance to the temple of dreams, there, right there, there is the sea…
(Luis Sepúlveda)

Adidas Footwear x Parley
Since 2015, adidas has been supporting Parley for the Oceans in its communication and awareness programs, developing at the same time creative ecological innovations and cutting-edge production processes aimed at protecting the oceans from the pollution of plastic waste: an example of this is Parley Ocean Plastic®, material obtained by recycling plastic waste recovered before they reach the beaches and coastal communities.

In 2016, adidas created the first products with recycled plastic waste and in 2019 produced eleven million adidas x Parley shoes, intercepting large quantities of plastic before entering the oceans, with the aim of using only recycled polyester 100% by 2024 for all apparel and footwear collections.Tiziano Guardini 2020 Spring Summer women's collectionEach new adidas Parley allows you to recover about 11 plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in the sea, using the Parley Ocean Plastic® material. This revolutionary innovation in favor of the environment comes from the plastic waste collected on the beaches, which are reworked to obtain the final product..

Jewels futureRemote
Bacterium Spring Summer 2020 Collection by Gianni De Benedittis for futuroRemoto, in harmony with the mood of the couture collection by Tiziano Guardini, was created in favor of a sustainable world. Like human beings, the jewels adapt to the changing conditions of the environment, even in pollution. Therefore, small spheres made with the technique of microfusion and the use of colored enamels, are agglomerated or groaning with peduncle and sticks, reproducing in pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets, the small bacteria that live in the sea and feed on plastic.

Thanks to Lampa
Lampa accessories. The entire production process pays particular attention to sustainability, to minimize the environmental impact, ensuring the highest quality for customers in an ideal work environment for employees. The raw materials comply with European standards and are produced with zero waste.

Thanks to Texmoda
Texmoda Tessuti is very sensitive to ecology and respect for the environment, acting on multiple fronts to achieve the goal of an eco-sustainable fashion through constant attention to the virtuous production chain. Texmoda Tessuti has participated in the Greenpeace Detox project since March 2016, also produces high quality products with regenerated yarns and has received Grs certification for its recycled fabrics.

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