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American Vintage_Menswear Fall Winter 2019/20

American Vintage Menswear Fall Winter 2019/20 collection

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Men’s time
More elaborate from season to season, the American Vintage Men’s collection signs a complete wardrobe for Autumn Winter 2019/20, declined between classic pieces and sporting influences, to impose its style, always with its original twist.

London, 8: 12
Come in, order a coffee, linger at the counter enjoying the sound of the voices, without haste, slowly while listening to the news of the day on the radio with a distracted ear.

Paris, h 18.37
Appointment in the Rue de Rivoli. The shadows lengthen, walk on the sidewalk with hands in pockets and an absorbed mind. It is a moment that he recognizes his friend. Increase your pace to reach it. He smiles.American Vintage_Menswear Fall Winter 2019/20Dinard, midnight
Dinner is over. Friends laugh, kiss, sing, dance with him. Everyone is drunk by the sea air: he shivers and wears a sweater without paying too much attention. Because the American Vintage man feels at home everywhere. In cities as in the countryside, from his friends. Influenced by the diversity of the world around him, he mixes modern pieces with great classics, wrapping himself in the brand’s iconic, noble and reassuring materials:

wool, Italian yarns, alpaca, French velvet or cotton. Under his oversized sweatshirt inspired by the college, the flannel shirt with old school prints appears; jeans find their allure in the silhouette and in the used canvas. Worn with the simplicity of an accessory, the ultra-soft wool coat is thrown over the shoulders, perfect in its line and enveloping with a generous coefficient of comfort.

Always, everywhere, for everyone
Essential, timeless and universal. This is the key feature of the American Vintage men’s wardrobe. Built from the outset around the basic concepts and studied details, the line is divided into essential and eclectic pieces: from the cozy sweatshirt with a vintage allure to be worn alone or coordinated with trousers paired with the XL shapes of the fleece pullovers passing through the fluidity of a suit in canvas or denim.

Alternating refinement and simplicity, the look of the American Vintage man becomes delicate leaving a strong personality revealed by a precise care of the material and the details. www.americanvintage-store.com

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