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Apepazza Fall Winter 2019/20 shoes

Like fashionable amazons with Apepazza Fall Winter 2019/20

by Giorgia Crescia
flaunts the new Fall Winter 2019/20 collection, inspired by bold women, amazons who ride the wave of everyday life, projected into the future.

Galatic riders is the theme chosen by the brand for the new line, which deals with a real journey through different styles, from casual to fashion; you can see revisited sneakers, running and zeppe. When it comes to shoes, click here to know what shoe professionals and critics thinks about this theme for a new chosen line.

The entire Apepazza collection is characterized by a creative lightness typical of the brand.Apepazza Fall Winter 2019/20 shoesIn the new Apepazza Fall Winter 2019/20 line  double soles, leather, total black, animalier and more are found.

For the sporting side, the surprise is in the discovery of the zeppe positioned outside the sneakers, 8 cm covered with gold glitter, white and black stripes or with a touch of red, all different as long as they are noticeable.

Still for the sport line we still find the running chuncky version, with new structures on milled backgrounds that transform the shoe from the little graceful silhouette into an accessory that must necessarily be exhibited. Passy instead takes up the volumes of the historic Apepazza version and enriches them with three layers.

For the total black line, with a minimalist Japanese taste, we find shiny laminates enriched with circular studs that add a rock detail to the footwear.

In the new Apepazza Fall Winter 2019/20 collection, you can also find shoes inspired by the mountain,  moon boot, with warm linings and a gritty and feminine look that the brand has decided to emancipate; animal prints and sequins accompany these winter forms.

A collection that combines a rock soul with more delicate hints.

In the new line, the cone heel and the sculpture heel stand out, combined with the ankle boot; however, we also find bikers and combat boots with panted chains and studs, in various motifs and especially the Texans who, besides being a true Apepazza icon, are the must have of the new season; we find in the Texan collection with glitter, with animal print, oversize fringes and studs.Apepazza Fall Winter 2019/20 shoesThe line does not end here,  there is also a casual side in it, where we find shoes without laces, combat boots, moccasins, ankle boots in soft black tassel with worked tab and applications of coins that finish the shoe.

A rich collection that meets the taste of multiple styles. In the new Apepazza  Fall Winter 2019/20 line the feminine triumphs and with it the strength, the charge and the good taste that this brings.

A versatile line that allows every woman to express her being, her character and her personal taste or if she wants her thousand different looks.

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