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Soo Joo Park . Chanel : Photocall - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear

Celebrities guests at the Chanel Spring Summer 2020 show

by Adele Decarolis
The latest Chanel’s collections have  been shown almost entirely by the celebrities who took part in the “Ready-to-Wear show”, the most recent fashion show organized by the brand  for the Spring Summer 2020 season: all of them chose Chanel’s different wonderful looks, with also make up, shoes and accessories belonging exclusively to the brand.

Three of the five brand’s ambassadors decided to rely on the “Cruise 2019/20 collection”: Nana Komatsu chose a coloured dress, Jennie Kim and Soo Joo Park have both worn the “coco crush” gold rings, and the first one matched them with a light blue top and a purpe cardigan, while the second paired them with black jacket and trousers.Caroline de Maigret                                                                  Caroline de Maigret

Caroline de Maigret and Alma Jodorowsky preferred the first act of the Chanel’s Spring Summer 2020 collection, especially a black and white leather jacket and skirt, and a tweed outfit consisting of jacket, skirt and white blouse.Cardi B                                                                  Cardi B

Even the famous American singer Cardi B participated to the fashion show, and she selected a black and white checked look combined with a wool coat, eveything part of the Fall Winter 2019/20 collection. Also the singers Ace Tee, Angele and Yuna were there: all of them wore “Cruise 2019/2020”’s garments, the first two in tweed outfits and the other one was characterized by a red leather coat.

There were many actresses among the distinguished guests who took part in the huge event, such as the French Adjani, Virginie Ledoyen and Anamaria Vartolomei, all of them embellished by Fall Winter 2019/ 0 collection’s clothes, respectively by looks 63,27 and 54. Their compatriots Hafsia Herzi, Lily Taieb and Juliette Dol chose instead outfits belonging to “Cruise 2019/20” and Spring Summer 2019/2020’s collections.Jennie Kim . Chanel : Photocall - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020                                                                 Jennie Kim

Even the other important actresses who were there chose Chanel’s “Cruise 2019/20” collection for the special occasion: Xin Zhi Lei, dressed in white with a cashemere cardigan and a cotton tunic, Sasha Luss, who wore a raspberry tweed jacket and denim blue pants, Aiysha Hart, all dressed in tweed with white jacket and skirt and a coloured top, and Nina Hoss, who wore a leather jumpsuit.

Other fashion show’s special guests were the Spanish coreographer Bianca Li, who showed up dressed in the look 28 belonging to the “Métiers d’Art Paris- New York” collection, the Dutch dancer Ione De Jongh, who wore the Fall Winter 2019 collection’s look 56 and Amandine De La Richaridere too, who chose the “Cruise 2019/20” collection’s look 33.

Finally, the “Ready-to-Wear show” also hosted the famous British singer Sting, the French musicians Orelsan, Abd Al Malik, and Sébastien Tellier, the movie director Lukas Dhont, the photographers Karim Sadli and Jean-Baptiste Mondino. 

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