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Binf Fashion Show: MeDea . Nunchi . Veronicka . Becky . Prevane (photo by Giuseppe Spena)

Binf Fashion Show: MeDea, Nunchi, Becky, Veronicka, Prevane, Spring Summer 2020 Collections

photo by Giorgio Cavestro
We have come to the conclusion of the 14th edition of the Binf Fashion show which took place in the renowned location 55 Milan renowned in the elegant via Piero della Francesca.

Also in this edition the response from the public was important and decisive for the excellent success of the event. In particular, I am enthusiastic about the increasing interest that BFS receives among buyers and trade press.

The collections of 5 brilliant designers took the runway. Becky – who makes functional clothes, dedicated to a cosmopolitan and metropolitan woman. The versatility of clothes is the key to understanding this international brand. Just change the accessories to change the look while wearing the same dress.

The Becky brand was born 4 years ago. Therefore, it is a bit early to talk about history, rather we could talk about the concept and philosophy of our clothes. First of all: multi-functionality, versatility. With such a hectic pace of life, it seems very relevant for us to create appropriate clothes to today’s life.

Our clothes can be easily transformed from work clothes to elegant clothes by adding accessories. Our guideline is a confident and strong woman. She does not always look like a model but certainly a self-confident woman. And we’re looking for to make clothes that hide defects, emphasizing the beautiful sides of the woman.

Clothes should give the woman the feeling of being beautiful and let others realize it. We pay close attention to how comfortable clothes are and how beautiful they make the woman and self-confident in the world. Our goal is to create comfortable, elegant clothes.Binf Fashion Show . Becky (photo by Giuseppe Spena)
The Veronicka bag brand is based on versatility, practicality and simplicity. These are the basic features of the brand philosophy. The collection includes twelve models, made entirely by hand, with fine leathers and everything is strictly made in Italy.

The proposed models are available in different shades of color.

The minimalist design and constant research are the basis of the brand, the particular attention to the breakdown and reworking of geometric shapes including circles, rectangles and squares combined with the choice of inserting important small parts give the bag a unique appeal.

Clear and clean corners, but also rounded shapes, unmistakable details and bright colors are always limited to the essential.
The accessories collection is created to satisfy the needs of contemporary, elegant and feisty women, women who love attention to detail and who appreciate the value of a finely crafted bag, equipped with exclusivity with a hint of extravagance.Binf Fashion Show . Veronicka (photo by Giuseppe Spena)

Nunchi – her designer and creator of the Isabella brand in every Nunchi piece tries to convey what we are and feel. Ethnicity – the name of the Spring Summer 20 collection where bright colors meet the neutrality of black and white creating ethnic patterns Prevane – C’est la vie…  a real tribute to life – where the past is skilfully mixed with the new, the collection manages to mix the various trends and offers an alternative, because in life we always need to have it Veronicka – a collection of versatile and practical bags, characterized by simplicity.

The choice of fine leathers and the realization is all Made in Italy. The collection is dedicated to women dynamic, contemporary and elegant. We are enthusiastic about the increasing interest that BFS receives among buyers and the trade press. Thanks to all the participants.

The Isabella Nunchi brand has an important autobiographical spirit, that is the ability to be able to interpret the emotions of others. Words do not always express what we would like to say, but the body’s non-verbal language cannot lie. A look or a deep breath sometimes communicate much more than redundant conversations, so a Nunchi piece of clothing has the ability to convey what we are and what we hear.

Isabelle’s collections are inspired by the meaning of this Korean term. The designer who is a traveler and tireless dreamer, passionate about fashion so much as to turn it into the creation of clothes unpublished in the shapes, colors and choices of fabrics.

The realization is entrusted to strictly Italian artisans. The Spring 20 – Etnia collection is a collection of bright colors, blue, light blue, lime and red in contrast with black and white forming of abstract forms, similar to ethnic fantasies. These ethnic fantasies since ancient times have had a distinctive and recognizable meaning for the woman who wore them in her tribe, from this especially the designer takes inspiration and creates her collection.Binf Fashion show . Nunchi (photo by Giuseppe Spena)
MeDea – Italian brand that collects alpaca wool garments, produce ethical and eco-friendly products. Softness and brilliance characterize these unique pieces with an Italian taste.

Medea that for over 15 years has been producing garments in fine Alpaca wool in Bolivia. Emanuela Venturi together with her team controls every step of the realization of her garments, from the manual shearing of the animal to the choice of natural dyes, thus creating garments of excellence in style and quality.

Everything started almost by chance, or it was written in destiny that an interest in an important and innovative brand like Medea could be born from the interest generated by a sweater in a small shop in La Paz.

He creates his new colors from berries, roots, flowers and leaves as well as using the natural ones of Alpaca wool. The choice of natural dye gives the brand a very modern appeal and keeps up with today’s sustainable and eco-friendly philosophy. Unique and always different, precious, original, light and warm sweaters and dresses create the collection of this brand.

The characteristic that makes the brand so important is precisely the choice to have the garments made by expert local workers combined with the search for local materials but enriched by the unmistakable and renowned Italian taste.Binf Fashion Show: MeDea (photo by Giuseppe Spena)
C’est la vie new collection Prevane This collection is a tribute to life. Lots of colors from white to yellow, going from green to red, all with a logical thread that almost tells a story. The story is another protagonist of this collection, the past that returns and that combines with the new, always keeping the maison’s signature distinguishable.

The black fundamental element and the customized fabric print the desire to express distinctive concepts of the maison to be carefully researched in detail. Urban elegance is a concept that comes out very much in some of the world’s leaders classic, re-drawn with urban canons. A mix that leads back to the concept c’est la vie, this is the life made of many shades and with the past that teaches and shows the right way to the present.Binf Fashion show . Prevane (photo by Giuseppe Spena)A collection that starts from passion, passion for life in general of any shape and any nuance, for better or for worse.
Not only a concept but represented with the first item to show off red, access with evidence on the name of the collection, anything that starts and is created by passion has the obligation to end with the same, and with the same tonality and the same hymn the presentation of the collection will have its end.

Classic and urban, elegant and trendy, the idea was to satisfy an audience that does not yet have a well-founded decision on “which way to stay” instill life is made of choices but the ur solution offers an alternative, to those who want to dare in a classic context and to those who want to keep their elegance in an urban context.

Here you will find what you need to feel free, to be happy and adequate for those who live there life and love her a little more. Prevane signs his first collection dedicating it to life, family, excesses and people who may not want to live just one but love to feel a little more.

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