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Simone Tessadori “Onirico” Autumn Winter 2019/20 collection

Simone Tessadori “Onirico” Autumn Winter 2019/20 collection

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The proposals for the next winter season show a moment of evolution by the designer Simone Tessadori who, inspired by his personal experience, decides to tell himself and his vision of today’s Woman through colors, shapes and surfaces, designing a refined and elegant wardrobe that squeezes eye to a shrewd femininity.

The Onirico collection for Autumn Winter 2019/20 tells a hedonistic charm and opens up by fusing sensuality with romanticism, through the continuous and meticulous search for materials of the highest level combined with the silhouette dear to the brand:

pure Loro Piana cashmere, silk in all its forms, from cady to crèpe de chine, Australian wool declined in faille and bouclé, cotton and viscose, all dusted with a few sequins and lurex, which has always been underline the playful and glamorous aspect of the Simone Tessadori collections.

The predominant colors are blue in all its shades and the inevitable pink, which is proposed in a very delicate quartz shade and in a warm and enveloping Siena earth blend.Simone Tessadori “Onirico” Autumn Winter 2019/20 collectionLike every Simone Tessadori collection, Onirico also weaves a common thread inside it, and in this case it is represented by the flaps: we find them as collars on blouses and dresses, or as “false pockets” on the trousers, changing size and materials depending on where they are placed.

The volumes of each piece are apparently simple but deeply designed to satisfy not only the aesthetics but the desire for comfort and luxury that distinguishes the Simone Tessadori woman: handmade hems and eyelets, stitching and linings finished according to the best tradition of authentic Made in Italy.

A collection created to satisfy the intimate pleasure of feeling the best materials on the skin, experiencing the comfort of a tailor-made studio and being able to perceive the work of the craftsman who created it, instilling that feeling that only love for Excellence can give.Simone Tessadori “Onirico” Autumn Winter 2019/20 collection

Simone Tessadori
27 years, a genuine smile and talent to sell: if everyone loves the Tessadori style, there is a reason …

Simone Tessadori, born in 1992, founded his brand in 2016 and in very few seasons he managed to clearly define his stylistic identity.

The training course that transformed him into the designer who is now part of the Faculty of Fashion Design of the Polytechnic of Milan. After graduating in 2014, the journey that will lead him to found the Simone Tessadori brand in Italy will start.

The first experience in the sector took place in the world of tailoring at a bridal atelier where he refined the first techniques and where he had the opportunity to experiment and follow the entire production cycle of a dress, entirely made by hand.

His training continued by Hugo Boss, a brand that contributed to the growth of the designer – who at that time worked as a pattern maker and pattern designer in the style office -.

During his stay in Switzerland he created for the brand a small capsule of men’s shirts, which he had the honor of showing at the New York Fashion Week. From international catwalks to the solo debut in 2016 on the shores of Lake Garda where the turning point takes place and begins to develop his personal collection:

Simone Tessadori – Handmade in Italy – expresses her concept of exclusive luxury through an obsessive search for fine fabrics and materials, attention to detail and casual style, but with a strong character, aimed at all those women who want to dress fashion with a distinct personality.

Animated by the desire to find the perfect balance between beauty and uniqueness, the Simone Tessadori atelier is the place that the designer has chosen to meet his clients and give life to his creations.

The enthusiasm and passion that characterize the designer’s work have made him the first witness of the greatness of his brand that represents and summarizes a constantly growing reality enhanced also by the recent launch of the online shop, a further communication tool to tell better the lifestyle universe and the vibe of the collections.

Over the years, more and more women have chosen his creations: entrepreneurs, actresses, singers, influencers and others, Simone Tessadori, with his line of the same name, has generated great interest even among experts, buyers and glossy magazines that describe the whole experience (choosing, buying and wearing a suit) as a daydream.

The concept of the brand is constantly evolving “I always try to create a new language and at the same time emphasize the value of the construction of each garment”.

The know-how is the complete knowledge of the production cycle of a garment: from the design of the model, to the choice of fabrics, to the cut and to the packaging.

Sharp cuts, well-defined volumes, ample and long-line silhouettes, and a particular attention to the choice of materials of each garment are at the center of the design project: a collection in which natural elegance is enhanced by refined craft details, without never lose sight of intelligent comfort.

The perfect balance between beauty and uniqueness makes the brand a real flag of Made in Italy: design and production of each creation are carried out entirely by hand in Italy.

The materials used, of the highest quality, are carefully selected from Italian suppliers with a long and important artisan tradition.
The woman who inspires the designer has a natural and innate elegance, never artificial, is passionate about art, history, craftsmanship, moves with grace and nonchalance, chasing her passions and her business!

Passion and craftsmanship are the foundations of the brand’s DNA, Costante is the search for a balance that draws from the richness of tradition the stimuli to invent, innovate, experiment with timeless collections but at the same time questions itself about production processes that respect the environment.

The future objective looks at international growth.
A development and distribution plan is already in the start-up phase that will not challenge the Made in Italy tailoring of the collections and will always maintain a direct link with the brand, creating a unique purchasing experience of the ‘’ Tessadori style ’’.

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