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Eleventy Spring Summer 2020 women's collection . photo by Giorgio Cavestro

Eleventy recounts Africa – Spring Summer 2020 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
Warm colors, ethnic prints and attention to sustainability: Africa is the inspiration for Eleventy‘s Spring Summer 2020 collection that was presented at the brunch party held during the last Milan Fashion Week.

It was Paolo Zuntini, Eleventy woman creative director who explained the inspiration behind the Spring Summer 2020 collection “I wanted to recall authentic emotions that only Africa manages to convey, through garments that bring with them great material and stylistic research towards a new balance between modernity and contamination “.The colors of African landscapes like the savannah translate into a palette that evokes the desert sand associated with natural whites and geometric patterns defined by brighter tones such as green, orange and brown.

The lightness of sand, wind and animals that run very fast is expressed in the impalpability of Eleventy garments for Spring Summer 2020 made of natural fabrics such as satin silks from long dresses or blouses or linen and cotton.

The comfort of these garments with their natural colors and textures is the result of a real search for garments that, in addition to translating into design the impressions that the African landscape offers, are able to be suitable for a trip to this land so warm and wild or simply to any destination will host the Eleventy woman for the next Spring Summer 2020.Eleventy Spring Summer 2020 women's collection . photo by Giorgio CavestroKnitwear is the spokesperson for the complexity of African culture with its endless weaves of mesh threads and unloaded knits, animal prints and the natural details with which the African landscape is painted they are intended instead for shoes and accessories from the Eleventy Spring Summer 2020 collection: sandals and sabots with an animal print leather heel, scarves and pareos with natural patterns, necklaces and bracelets with coconut pearls.

Even the jacket, the flagship item of the Eleventy brand, is declined in its most “ethnic” appearance for this Spring Summer 2020 collection. The Eleventy jacket is presented single-breasted and double-breasted with brushed gold metal buttons that brings out the colors of the earth in which is declined as burned, whites and cream.Eleventy Spring Summer 2020 women's collection . photo by Giorgio CavestroFinally, the theme of the journey of the Eleventy Spring Summer 2020 collection is summarized in the multi-pocket jackets, the oversized trousers, the sash jackets, sleeveless jackets with ankle-length trousers, unlined leathers and chamois, casual bomber jackets or revisited in a more chic key in nylon silk with translucent effect.

Respect for all this beauty is finally enclosed in the search for sustainability in the production of garments, an essential characteristic for Eleventy in this historic moment.

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