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Basik Knit by American Vintage Mailles et Matieres

Basik Knit by American Vintage “Mailles et Matieres”

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It’s sensual, cozy, multi-faceted. This Fall Winter 2019/20 the American Vintage shirt is comfortable and unfolds all its forms.

Because the winter season has this of comfortable, that you can slip and wrap in the materials and in the richest textures of comfort of the year.
In a wardrobe that celebrates the reign of natural fibers and Italian yarns, alpaca, merino and angora make up a real ocean of softness and warmth in which to find refuge.Basik Knit by American Vintage Mailles et MatieresSoft, thick, worked, close to the body or XL, the Autumn Winter shirt is versatile and agile, to be worn on bare skin or mixed with high collars, jackets or coats. Perfect for lending to the game of layering, she enjoys mixing a soft sweater in mohair and alpaca with a lingerie-effect sweater.

Playing with the contrast of textures, inspirations and colors, the typically sporting ribbed finish of a square pull emphasizes the urban touch of denim. Like scratched, wool confuses its essence and suspends its motifs.Basik Knit by American Vintage Mailles et Matieres

Immersed in a vintage atmosphere, the geometric jacquard brings to mind winter sports and the 80s with the right amount of kitsch. The Boo shirt, an American Vintage icon.Basik Knit by American Vintage Mailles et MatieresThe brand’s historical jersey, the Boo is declined in every way. In simple, perforated and ultra-soft yarn, its unique mélange of alpaca wool and merino wool lives to the rhythm of the wearer. Machined with a double thread, its structure is reinforced and its colors intensify.Basik Knit by American Vintage Mailles et MatieresFrom the cache-coeur to the turtleneck to the very simple boat-neck low-cut dress, the Boo shirt modernizes the essential garments of American Vintage in the wake of a single story: that of comfort, resistance and authenticity.

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