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Bottega Veneta Special collaboration: "Open Format" by SSENSE

Bottega Veneta  Special collaboration: “Open Format” by SSENSE

P.Rew.: Bottega Veneta
Open Format is a site-specific installation of video art inspired by the vision that Creative Director Daniel Lee has for Bottega Veneta.

It was created under the creative direction of Phil Chang and commissioned by SSENSE for Bottega Veneta:

In our increasingly digital age, where productivity is often confused with value, interaction has become a rarity in real life. Even more rare is the collaboration that ignores specific expectations or the request for a concrete result.Bottega Veneta Special collaboration: "Open Format" by SSENSEBottega Veneta Special collaboration: “Open Format” by SSENSE

Attention to detail is almost unthinkable.The compulsive drive to search for ever new ways to amaze has mitigated the impact and significance of the creative process. So what can you do now? How do you respond by processing the opposite of an answer?

The essence of Daniel Lee’s inaugural collection for Bottega Veneta was, in some way, the opposite of an answer. Design of solid principles that honored the heritage of the brand and at the same time elevated the concept of luxury beyond its superficial connotations. Lee’s vision is incisive yet open, brazenly self-confident yet calm. Ideas incubated as perceived through the iconic intertwining of the brand. Design that playfully interprets desire as a secret state, totally ambiguous. Design that does not impose, but rather arouses the temptation to touch it.

Phil Chang, Creative Director of Open Format, invited five professionals who practice different creative disciplines to come together and interact for the first time. Venue of the event a former Los Angeles warehouse transformed into a workshop. The project is, as the title suggests, of an almost shocking simplicity and linearity. To show up. Stay for 24 hours. Create something. Or not. No rules except one: refrain from social media. Open Format follows the group we have assembled (and a support team) during the stages of the creative process.

Phil Chang, Creative Director for Open Format stated about the project:

“I was really anxious to do something for Daniel Lee, who is making the titanic effort to preserve the much celebrated heritage of Bottega while trying to attract a wider, more contemporary audience into the brand’s orbit. I read a selected series of interviews released by Lee since he took over the reins of the fashion house and it was edifying to see how a peer expressed my own ideas about the state of design, creativity and fashion in such an incisive way.

I hope that the work we have done together will be able to address and give an adequate interpretation to some of his points of view, values ​​and fears. The extraordinary impact of Open Format is not limited to Bottega Veneta; is an exception for fashion and for brands aimed at consumers in general. The act of trust required [by SSENSE] to kick-start a 24-hour site-specific film, with no predetermined goal, with a cast of 0 celebrities / public figures in the age of social media … well, it’s not little thing. Talk to a clear understanding of why they exist and who they exist for. I hope that other brands will learn from it and follow its example. “

It is possible to view the editorial exclusively on ssense.com. Open Format will be visible at SSENSE MONTRÉAL until 7 November.

Bottega Veneta Open Format 24 October – 7 November
418 rue Saint-Sulpice Montréal QC H2Y 2V5

Bottega Veneta
Since its inception in 1966 in Vicenza, Bottega Veneta has defined a new standard of contemporary luxury. With a global language but deeply inspired by Italian culture, the fashion house stands out for its refined approach. Bottega Veneta uses noble materials to create objects destined to be part of the life of the wearer. Style, innovation and exclusivity are the core of the brand’s philosophy, which is expressed in a complete offer for women, men and the home.

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©: Editorial Photos & video: Phil Chang and Jason Sondock&Simon Davis/Rubberband
©: PR Installation Photos: Celia Spenard-Ko

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