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Cividini Spring Summer 2020 collection photo by Giorgio Cavestro

Cividini: colors as soul – Spring Summer 2020 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
Your November readings continue with another Spring Summer 2020 women’s collection, this time we talk about Cividini and its serenade to colors.

“The shape of color” is a title that already says a lot about the message that the new Cividini garments for Spring Summer 2020 want to deliver. It is a very fundamental concept based on scientific bases according to which our eyes perceive color before perceiving form.

So far, much certainty and little poetry. It is Cividini who makes this statement romantic by obtaining a dreamy result: color is the essence before the object, so our eyes immediately perceive the soul of what we observe.Cividini Spring Summer 2020 collection photo by Giorgio CavestroIf we talk about fashion we can really agree with this statement, recognizing in the colors of the Cividini Spring Summer 2020 collection the essence of the message, the mood and the style of each piece.
In the case of Cividini the soul that has shown itself is that of the colors of nature that never as in summer regain their communicative power and their strength.

Although it is often the art that emulates and celebrates nature to make us appreciate what we usually do not consider or neglect as obvious. In the case of Cividini it was a film that gave the creative input, “The tea in the desert” by Bernardo Bertolucci that recalls the colors of Africa, of its clear sky, of its sincere people.

In particular, the clothes of the three protagonists captured the attention of the Cividini team, inspiring them in the creation of the Spring Summer 2020 collection which was realized by translating all these visual messages into garments to be presented on the catwalk.

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