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Salvatore Vignola Spring Summer 2020

Salvatore Vignola’s underwater world

by Adele Decarolis
It is impossible not feeling within an underwater world by looking at 1994, which is Salvatore Vignola‘s Spring Summer 2020 collection.

1994 was given as the collection’s name for the importance that this year have had to the stylist: in fact, he learned to swim and that was the beginning of his passion about the sea and of his fantasies about sirens, coloured stones and shells, and castles.

1994 was also a period characterized by many events concerning the sea, such as the opening of the Channel Tunnel between France and Great Britain, and the presentation of Matthew Barney “Cremaster 4”, which was filmed on the Isle of Man, where rewards were given to those who found evidence of the existence of sirens.Salvatore Vignola Spring Summer 2020 As a result of this, Salvatore Vignola decided to create a collection completely related to the sea, because he was passionate about this topic and in order to make people reflecting more about respecting and protecting this precious thing, which is essential for our lives and for the environment.

The underwater world which gave life to 1994 has been perfectly recreated in every garment: long and soft dresses, folds recalling the waves of the sea placed on the side of tops and trousers, skirts tight as the tails of the sirens, and a lot of shells represented in the pockets or as the shape of tops.Salvatore Vignola Spring Summer 2020 Even in the choice of colors the stylist did not deviate from the main theme, using mostly the light blue and the dark blue, the green as to refer to sirens’ tails or to algae, and the white; transparent fabrics have also been used for some outfits, such as to reproduce the transparency of the water.

It is therefore possible to recognize the skill of Salvatore Vignola in having succeeded in realizing his imagination and in having given a clear example of how fashion can also approach themes that go beyond mere appearances.

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