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Chiara Boni new capsule Trailblazer

Chiara Boni’s Man in Florence with the new Trailblazer capsule

by Giovanna Fusco
A memorable debut for Chiara Boni in Florence where, at Pitti 97, the man Trailblazer launches.

A concept of 5 must haves: a jacket, three shirts and trousers. The essential for the wardrobe of a trendsetter, a man who travels and continues to experiment, to innovate, without ever going out of style.Chiara Boni new capsule TrailblazerThe capsule is made in the iconic fabric of the brand that is washed in water even at low temperatures, does not need to be ironed, can be packed in a suitcase, is not damaged. The boutique, Chiara Boni’s fourth, is located in a suggestive location, full of light, between Via della Vigna Nuova and Piazza Rucellai.

Trailblazer Chiara Boni is a 100% Made in Italy product, the traceability of its supply chain guarantees the quality and the seriousness of a sustainable approach. The fabrics used are Sensitive® Fabrics, an exclusive Eurojersey patent, an Italian textile company that has been involved in an environmental sustainability program for over ten years.Chiara Boni new capsule TrailblazerLast September, Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, together with Eurojersey, was the first Italian women’s clothing company to obtain the European PEF certification “Product Environmental Footprint”. The ethical fashion process continues with the man.

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