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San Patrignano for Tod's

Tod’s presents the collection created by the guys of San Patrignano

P.Rew. : Tod’s
San Patrignano, 14 November 2019 – San Patrignano presents two leather goods collections entirely made by the boys in the Community laboratories, with the collaboration of Lugosis and Cuba Lab and the support of the Tod’s Group.

These projects reinforce the importance of the training of San Patrignano guys who put into practice what they learned from the Tod’s Group’s artisan craftsmen, who transferred the necessary know-how to the prototypes to the community.

Eugenia Marelli, Head of San Patrignano Leather Goods Department: “We are doubly proud of this new collection, on the one hand because it embodies the spirit of a socially attentive fashion that does not renounce to aesthetics and quality, on the other because boys and girls girls got excited and enjoyed making accessories.Filippa Lagerback . San Patrignano for Tod'sThey breathed creativity, savoring every step, from the idea to the final object.

A possible project thanks to Tod’s that for years has been following our laboratory with great attention, placing new stimuli and new challenges each time, masterfully supporting us up to results that speak for themselves about rebirth and beauty ”.

Lugosis – Luca in art Lugosis. Born and raised in Brescia, he moved to Milan to study art where he created a stronger and more passionate connection with the world of graffiti.
With his work he expresses positive and negative life experiences lived in the street and in the many journeys with a childish and playful but profound trait.

He began his career as a tattoo artist at the age of 20 because he wanted to give and leave a permanent mark on people’s lives.

Cuba Lab – is a Social Promotion Association (Aps) founded with the aim of opening a training / laboratory center in Havana (Cuba), where young people on the one hand immerse themselves in the production of contemporary design objects, and on the other they stimulate the creativity of the new generations and having as a reference the memories of the traditional Cuban Artesanìa.

The fundamental ethical choice is that all the products are made with leather coming from food waste, tanned with substances that are not harmful to the environment, while fabrics and paper come from a supply chain based on the recycling of raw materials.San Patrignano for Tod'sThe president Elio Satti: “The opportunity, thanks to Tod’s, to make use of the precious workmanship and the vibrant creativity of the San Patrignano boys, is for us a source of profound pride because it is fully in line with one of the key foundations of our Association: l ‘eco-sustainability “.

The products will be sold exclusively on the e-commerce website www.tods.com and at the Tod’s Group outlets starting on the day, Thursday 21 November

The proceeds will be completely devolved to the Community for the realization and the financing of its own projects, so as to represent an important instrument of formation and motivation for the young people of San Patrignano, which, since its foundation in 1978, welcomes boys and girls for free without burdening families or the state.

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