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Judy Zhang resort 2020 collection

Judy Zhang Spring Summer 2020 collection and Resort 2020

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The inspiration for Judy Zhang‘s Spring Summer 2020 collection comes from an ancient Chinese folk tale “Legend of the White Snake” also known as “Madame White Snake“.

The story takes place in the Song dynasty, where a snake spirit, Bai Sui Zhen, after thousands of years of religious practices and magical doctrines, becomes human. One day the White Snake went to the West Lake to look for free and happy human life, and under the bridge in Hangzhou’s West Lake, he met a nice and handsome young man named Xu Xian.

The young girl, who was the White Serpent, immediately fell in love with this young man and, since it was raining, with the pretext of asking him to borrow an umbrella, he met the young man.Judy Zhang resort 2020 collectionThe story of the white snake provides the background story and visual inspiration for Judy Zhang’s Spring Summer 2020 collection, becoming the undisputed protagonist through the embroideries made with beads.

In the unmistakable prints that give character to the collection, the snake, in addition to being represented as in the Chinese folk tale, we note the incorporation of the friendly Italian “Ciao” and the American “Airpods”, fully embodying the union of Western and Eastern culture that the designer Judy skilfully mixes in her collections.

The scene chosen is that of the umbrella that the white snake holds when it meets its savior under the bridge. The garments made with spectacular pleats represent the different folds of the umbrella of the magical encounter.

The Suzhou hand embroidery, the most important of all types of Chinese embroidery, embellishes the collection with silk threads. The margins, specially studied on some models, emphasize freedom and independence.Judy Zhang resort 2020 collectionThe sculptural and enveloping silhouettes create the distinctive look of the woman Judy Zhang that enhances her femininity and elegance contaminated by soft rock references.

Snakeskin and lake waves are visually represented on jumpsuits, blazers and rhinestone trousers.

The color palette that colors Judy’s creations are the ever-present black and white, accesses from tips of ultramarine blue, camel and fiery red.

Silks, special laces and cottons are the fabrics modeled with skill to create blazers, trousers, dresses, shirts and skirts with a tailored cut and details. Each garment is a hymn to the high Chinese tailoring that Judy wants to bring with pride in the world.

The Spring Summer 2020 collection by Judy Zhang represents an independent woman, out of tradition, beautiful and elegantly sensual.

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