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SOS Christmas presents: Modadivas advices for perfect gifts

by Gaia Schiavetti
Here we go again: it is the favorite appointment of the year and yet the most stressful, the most packed of celebrations, events, appointments … and gifts!

No one can escape the magic of Christmas, whether you are a fan of the festivity or not, that you attribute a mystical or purely consumerist meaning to it and that the lights and decorations will overwhelm you. You will walk in the wake of the scent of sweets, in the illuminated streets you will buy the first gifts, you will renovate the house with Christmas details and you will dedicate your time to adorn the tree, the flower of the decoration.Be Blumarine                                                                        Blumarine

You will go crazy for gifts. For the choice, for the budget, for that last thought that you had forgotten and that will surprise you in your sleep just a few hours before the dinners and lunches with family and friends begin. From this point of view, Christmas is more a bravery test than a party, a race to the last package.

I have listed the things that everyone does at Christmas, but there is something that few people do, a trick that some adopt to avoid being caught unprepared: read up on all the possible gift ideas for all genres, for all ages, for all tastes on magazines and sites.

We at Modadivas today provide you with that gift guide that will save you from stress and will only make you think about food, good wine and panettone (or pandoro).Salar                                                                                       Salar

The most appreciated gifts for her are always the luxury accessories including bags and small leather goods. The trends of this 2019 Christmas revolve around handbags inspired by vintage models with rigid geometric shapes and structured in precious fabrics, mini bags with a frivolous taste and a unique style, handbags suitable from day to night more capacious to accommodate everything of which a woman he needs.

The classic shoppers give way to bags with a soft and capacious weekender cut. Among the most requested accessories there are also glasses: they are a brave gift because it is very difficult to choose so today I will give you some tips on the most popular models.Tpn capodanno 2020                                                        Tpn

The classic drop is reinterpreted in new cuts and constructions associating the classic models with those more avant garde; the cat eye remains in the top ten with new colors and daring revisitations; the rounder shapes are declined in different sauces from the most classic and essential to the most colorful with thick frames.

The jewelry trends are clear: many and showy! Chains are back for both necklaces and bracelets and the mix & match is the key to success, the union between gold and silver is no longer a taboo. Strass, chains, multiple chains and retro-style pendants are a choice with guaranteed success. We close the accessories section with leather gloves (satin or animalier patterns), the very useful slippers and slippers that some brands have made beautiful and sought after as real shoes, scarves, scarves, key rings and watches.Pierre MantouxPierre Mantoux

Sport is now an obsession, so an excellent gift idea for her and for him is definitely the sports equipment like shoes, clothing and accessories.

To go more on the classic if you well know the person, you can opt for a piece of clothing. For her I suggest you to opt for a nice elegant and sparkling party look. The musts of the season are red, gold, metallic, eco-leather, vynil and sequins and rhinestones that come back with pride from the 80s.

For him I recommend sweaters and sweatshirts of good quality for the mountain and for the winter holidays. If instead you want to choose something less obvious, I would point you towards electronics or accessories for personal care. Do you want to impress? A bottle of wine or quality spirits is an elegant gift with an assured effect.

Let the Christmas shopping begin!

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