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Among street stories, famous people and important data: Rolex always on shop window

There are certain brands that write the pages of history, and that nobody can forget or not know, even if you are not passionate about a particular sector. In the restricted list of these cover brands we obviously find Rolex, a manufacturer of watches among the most famous and prestigious in the world, to the point of having a “cross” success, also involving certain stories of more or less daily life. So let’s discover some interesting curiosities about this timepiece.Rolex
In the everyday chronicle
Can a job be found following an honest and principles-based path? We all want it to be like this, and in some cases even a small big choice can be decisive. This is demonstrated by
the story of a 21-year-old Senegalese from Colorno (province of Parma): after finding a rolex on the street, in fact, the young man chose to hand it over to the carabinieri, when he could have kept it quietly for himself. He did not do it and was rewarded for this: the law enforcement agencies traced the legitimate owner of the expensive timepiece, which in turn asked for information on the benefactor. How did the story end? With a second happy ending: the young man was in fact hired by the company of the owner of the Rolex.

Thanks to the important characters
Since we talk about a very important and luxury brand, it is inevitable that it will also be linked to some of the most famous characters and VIPs of our time. Just think of sports champions like Roger Federer, but also musicians like Jay Z and players like Mauro Icardi.

These characters, among other things, have shown great generosity and a nice touch of madness: Jay Z, for example, gave a party to every party guest, while Icardi donated one to all his teammates, when he played in the ‘Inter, on the occasion of the victory of the top scorer title.

Rolex success data
VIP or “normal people”, it does not matter: there are many who continue to go to specialized retailers, such as the Rolex Boutique of Pisa Orologeria in Milan, in order to ensure a certified and quality product. And this is also demonstrated by sector data, which tells us about the success of this brand. Specifically, there is talk of a record turnover, which in 2017 reached and
exceeded 4.4 billion euro. In Italy, then, this brand collects record numbers, to the point that no one else has sold as much as Rolex, in the field of watches.

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