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Ragazza con Parka e pellicciotto

How to be glamorous even in the rain!

For some women, rain can be a great “enemy” of fashion, but in truth it is not like that at all. The latter also meets weather problems, guaranteeing its fans an elegant but above all dry look thanks to some particular garments and shoes:

What are the essential clothing and accessories for the rainy seasons?

  • Umbrella: the inevitable accessory of every bag. From different sizes, foldable, mini, reversi in their most disparate combinations, passing from the classic solid color to the super colored, with drawings or photos of animals or famous people, in polka dots or stripes, transparent or inspired by great cinematographic works.Ombrello grande multicolore
  • Parka: there is a vast choice regarding women’s parkas. Soft and light for autumn, or in a heavier and warmer version, perfect for the winter season. There are many models, as well as the materials that make them up, the colors, the padding, the length, and many other features that make it elegant and casual at the same time. In the past it was made with the fur of different animals, today materials such as polyester, wool or nylon are used.

  • Trench: he leader par excellence of the autumn season. Made with cotton gabardine, this garment is characterized by specific details: a typically double-breasted buttoning, the chin strap hidden under the collar, the belt at the waistline, the raglan sleeve which is then shrinkable thanks to the straps. And again, the side pockets as well as that sort of small cape in the back, which allows water to slide better making the garment totally water-repellent..
  • Waterproof Poncho: the perfect garment if you live in a place where it rains practically 360 days a year or less often but with intensity. It perfectly protects from the rain but also from the wind and on the market there are many to choose from, opting for a cheeky look.Ragazza con Parka e pellicciotto
  • K-way resealable: the k-way is mainly used by those who practice outdoor activities but it proves to be very practical to keep with you for any sudden rain. Before purchasing it, several factors must be taken into consideration, such as fit, waterproofness and quality of materials. This garment must provide the right comfort while carrying out an activity in the rain. Also in this case there is no shortage of different colors and models: long, short, with or without hood, closed or with zip.

  • Rubber boots: indispensable footwear especially for those who are always on the move, even on rainy days. For a wider protection but also to slim the figure, the most suitable are those with high legs. The trendiest ones come with floral patterns or details such as buckles or elasticized parts that make the look a little less “childish”. Instead, the low ankle version is very fashionable in recent times, although this model tends to cut the shape of the leg making it appear more abundant. Whichever model you choose, the glossy color must not be missing.

To defeat the gloomy and rainy days, wear a garment that protects you but is also colorful and imaginative. Opt for a model that makes you feel protected but always glamorous and you will face the weather with a positive spirit!Stivali in gomma alti e bassi

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