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The modern world of underwear, for him, her and the little ones

When we think of underwear, we usually refer to classic garments such as bra and panties for her, briefs and T-shirt for him, panties and tank top for children.

However, in recent years, the underwear sector has made great progress, bringing the creation and way of wearing this type of clothing to a higher level.

The options that can be found seem to be endless, such as Cotonella underwear proposals for men, women and children, made with a quality organic cotton that satisfies and protects the whole family, also proving to be a nice gift to give to a loved one.

The world of women’s underwear is full of infinite combinations, in addition to the usual “panties and bra” there are many others. The models start from the simple panty up to the Brazilian one, passing through the thong, the midi model and the bikini, the culotte or the high-waisted pant. Even bras are diversified today, adapting to any shape and size of breast as well as use: we find the one with the underwire, the sports one for greater comfort, the push-up to reinforce, the sexy bralette, the wonderbra in support, but then there are also the bodices, the brassiere and the baby doll. In the sphere of women’s underwear, there are also singlets, tops, dressing gowns, pajamas or sweaters to combine with comfortable leggings, without forgetting the leotards and sheaths for shape the silhouette.Intimo lingerie Donna
The world of men’s underwear is no less than the world of women, which is why even men today can choose an intimate look that is different from the “standard” look. We go from the classic briefs to the midi briefs or plain or colored boxers or with patterns. Even for gentlemen there is no lack of cotton or microfibre vests, comfortable sweaters, warm jackets, a nightgown to be combined perhaps with an elegant and refined pajamas. Finally, the inevitable socks in their classic or patterned variants.

The universe of children’s underwear is now adapted to that of adults and takes example from most models and versions to recreate them in a “mini” format. The choice, also in this case, for both boys and girls is very wide: boxers, briefs and pants, vests and sweaters, night shirts and pajamas, socks, socks, pajamas and tops … all rigorously comfortable and colorful!Piagiama bimbo bimbaThe proposals of underwear for men, women and children are many, original and fashionable. It takes little to make an elegant but comfortable look. For a woman every garment, even intimate, becomes fundamental and must combine practicality and beauty together. The decision for a man will fall on the right tank top to wear or the socks to match while the children prefer comfortable and colorful models. To each his own intimate!

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