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Fratelli Rossetti Pitti Gennaio 2020

Fratelli Rossetti presents the right brogues for every occasion

The classic is also back for leisure

Fratelli Rossetti presents the right brogues for every occasion at Pitti Immagine Uomo:

6 models, each characterized by a specific personality, thanks to the use of different leathers, soles and processes. Six styles for 6 different occasions, from the social event to the most casual moments to the most carefree ones.Fratelli Rossetti Pitti Gennaio 2020All brogues have the same decorative motif, which graphically marks the toe and draws a wave on the side profile of the shoe, emphasizing the silhouette of the shoe; a motif that over the years has become a distinctive sign for Fratelli Rossetti, reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

The French shoes take their name from the personality of the man who inspired them:

Reflexive – A French shoe with a classic taste created following the historical shape, hand painted with two-tone effects and details that underline the refinement of the shoe. The decoration is made with the traditional hole-punching technique. A perfect shoe for the city man who loves to observe and discover new spaces.

Carefree – A suede calfskin shoe with a light wagon outsole. The graphic detail is designed through the waxing technique. A more casual taste with a younger mood.

Sophisticated – A model with an artisan flavor where the higher heel is inspired by Fratelli Rossetti historical models and the raw leather is colored and buffed directly on the shape. A refined shoe, thanks also to the Goodyear manufacturing, which reflects the elegant and refined personality of the wearer.

Dandy – The shoe, with a more elongated shape, is made of velvet worked with a two-tone chevron design. For the dandy man, details make the difference, he dwells on what others do not see.

Non chalant – A brogues made of hand-woven leather and “dipped in color”. The decorative motif is characterized by leather edges that give it a more casual mood.
The bottom is a leather and rubber sole with a winter thickness but with an appearance and light weight. Suitable for those who want to enjoy every moment and pleasure of life.

Rock – Francesina made of calfskin with a smooth and shiny surface with a darker finish on the tip and on the part of the spur, which reflects a gritty style. The decorative motif is made through the seams. A shoe with a sole with double leather sole.Fratelli Rossetti Pitti Gennaio 2020

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