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Simone Tessadori “Dauphine” Spring Summer 2020 collection

Simone Tessadori “Dauphine” Spring Summer 2020 collection

P.Rew.: Simone Tessadori Press Office
is a tale of light, light-heartedness and cheerfulness.

It was born to remind us of the importance of lightness in life, knowing how to face everyday life with serenity and with an ounce of playfulness that makes everything more fun.

Lightness that in this case also goes hand in hand with spirituality and the search for inner peace given by the awareness that every day is a gift, it is never too early to wear sequins and lurex embroidery.

The richness and variety of materials that we find in this collection is really wide:
a kaleidoscope of colors, textures and sensations where we find pleated jersey with micro sequins, micro-operated silks in different weights, embroidered tulle, shantung and cottons which are also enriched by raffia that recreates the effect of mother of pearl.Simone Tessadori “Dauphine” Spring Summer 2020 collectionThe inevitable rose is adorned with a maquette of wide and varied nuances that start from the cerulean, passing through the sage green and landing at the bright lobster.

The silhouettes always dear to the Simone Tessadori brand evolve and find new expressive forms in a formal minimalism that leaves expressive space for the material, highly sought after and at the heart of the brand’s “labor limae” work.

The theme of sustainability has always been very important for Simone Tessadori: the selection of materials with a natural composition, of Italian manufacture and the creation of each individual garment in the laboratory in the province of Brescia certify the product as the maximum expression of the most authentic Handmade in Italy The main theme of the collection is the circle that we find to be the basis of development of each garment, starting from the sculpture collars, to the details of the sleeves and even in the structures of the skirts themselves.Simone Tessadori “Dauphine” Spring Summer 2020 collectionA collection that celebrates Italian craftsmanship and creativity that Simone Tessadori fully expresses by reinterpreting and winking at Haute Couture to make it almost daily.

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