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Ultrachic Moving House Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

Ultrachic “Moving House” Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

P.Rew : Attila & Co. – photo by Laura Villani/Andrea Benedetti
Ultrachic Moving House Collection
Ultrachic, an Italian brand founded by the creative duo Diego Dossola and Viola Baragiola offers a collection linked to the concept of “home” as a place that expresses belonging, positive sensations, expressing the dress as an object that combines comfort and elegance.

Through the use of colors and graphics from interior design, the Ultrachic Autumn Winter 2020/21 collection establishes a new concept of contemporary, free elegance, characterized by essential elements, which refuses to be suffocated by pre-ordered schemes and makes the ordinary is extraordinary.

The tap-shaped buttons, the pockets that reproduce the mailboxes, old tapestries reproduced on jackets and pants, carpeting and floors are the protagonists of environments to always carry with you in everyday life, incipit of a visual path.Ultrachic Moving House Fall Winter 2020/21 collectionColor is always one of the protagonists of the Ultrachic collections, but less screamed and characterized by ironic hints that define the soul of this collection with a strong personality.

The color palette ranges from yellow to green, from black to pink, from red to yellow, up to patterns that mix colors and fabrics embellished with applications, logos and prints that tell the life and daily thoughts of the Ultrachic woman.

Accessories such as bags are strictly eco-leather, boxes in which to collect memories, dreams, but also something more spicy, the unmistakable secrets of every woman.Ultrachic Moving House Fall Winter 2020/21 collectionThe Ultrachic woman is a ‘Miss Girl Power‘, a mature woman, who has a story, a life, a smart woman to be unnecessarily banal, but who never wants to forget the girl she has always been.

Thus was born the Ultrachic collection, colorful, fun, elegant and refined, a journey that leads us to discover unique stylistic elements, worn by a funny, irreverent woman, with a contemporary elegance, aware of her own style characterized by bold and unexpected combinations.

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