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Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 colection

Chanel travels between fashion’s eras – Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

 by Gaia Schiavetti
The Chanel fashion show begins with a couple and alternates single looks with double looks in a sort of march that associates different styles from different eras.

The Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 collection starts with boots that incredibly modify, despite being an accessory, a detail, all Chanel style.

Between bohemian and retro, between modern and timeless classic cuts, Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 collection is all to be interpreted, read and investigated in its many facets, it becomes a pleasant research accompanied by the gentle music that accompanies every event of the maison.Gigi Hadid - Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 colectionThe boots cover the legs hiding under the skirts to interpret that new idea of ​​femininity that is slowly dictating new rules.

Bomber jackets and bohemian coats walk together and they look like two opposing visions of the same world, both complex, both sophisticated, both feminine and new. In Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 collection, the scarf is worn like a tie from the past, large brooches with a nineteenth-century flavor stop a knot that marks the neck in a royal key.Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 colectionThe structured skirts with a bold front slit hide the shorts: a modern and practical overlap. Wide and soft trousers with side slits as in the 80s jumpsuits, low and high waist with logoed belts: this is the history of fashion that follows on the Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 catwalk.
The necklaces “steal” the chains of Chanel bags and combine them with very gradual pendants on which the Chanel logo appears.
Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 colectionTweed is also the protagonist of jacket / shorts outfits as in the total white look with white tights illuminated by jewels and gold accessories. The Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21 collection is a journey through the eras and moods of fashion filtered by the maison’s heritage.
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