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EllemenTi "Flash collection" Spring Summer 2020 collection

EllemenTi Presents the new Spring Summer 2020 collection

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Versatile and adjustable garments to adapt to all female physicalities

EllemenTi the brand created by Lisa Tigano, a talented and young designer, who with creativity and determination creates collections of clothes studied in detail and totally made in Italy – presents the new Spring Summer 2020 collection “Flash Collection“.

All EllemenTi collections are born from a direct experience of the designer and, in full respect of this mood, the summer 2020 collection also brings to light a personal story.EllemenTi "Flash collection" Spring Summer 2020 collection“I was taking care of the tiring spring cleaning, when I stumbled upon a printed rectangle cellophane that contained my grandfather’s white waistcoat, from at least forty years ago. I remember that he always wore it in spring during his rides, with the recognizable copper bicycle, to my house to come and visit me and to play with me “says Lisa Tigano. “From this precise and sweet memory my Flash Collection was born, composed of a color chart outlined by the union and contrast of white and beige”.

In his “menteria”, a term coined by Lisa Tigano to indicate the place where his mind works to generate his garments, a new collection is born that looks to the past and to a memory, but with the choice of integrating innovative and refined elements .

Another key and decisive aspect of all the garments is versatility: thanks to hidden details and tricks, the garments can be easily modified and adapt naturally to different female physical needs. The adjustable trousers with grosgrain ribbons, the waist of the shorts adaptable thanks to the bow belt and the tops with adjustable straps are just some examples to show the brand’s willingness to give value to all physicality.

The Flash Collection is based on the use of 100% natural fabrics integrated with fabrics with a low synthetic percentage, to try to always keep the freshness of the body high. The only fabric used decorated is organza, presented with a symmetrical, almost transparent or overlapping game.

The knitted, knitted, stocking and rice grain knit takes shape with soft cotton.EllemenTi "Flash collection" Spring Summer 2020 collectionGros-grain is the pivot for the whole collection, used in all its sizes: from the thinnest to the widest, with the idea of ​​underlining the importance of the bow, the key element of EllemenTi. The closure of each garment is determined by elastic or PVC buttons, also transparent, or still tied together through a rope work. The white trimmings sometimes define the hems of trousers and dresses.

The collection is enriched by copper, especially in the accessories: brooches in resin with crumbs of copper leaf or comfortable slippers printed with copper details or covered in metal. www.ellementi.com

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