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Beatrice.b Classy Linen Lines Spring Summer 2020 collection

Beatrice. b Classy Linen Lines Spring Summer 2020 collection

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Inspired by the research on the contemporary forms of the architect and artist Royal Garance, the Beatrice. b Spring Summer 2020 collection is proposed as a transposition of the concept of balance between size, space and color, which are elaborated through an intense chromatic study and through the expression of dress as a living and perennial object evolution, solid and fluid at the same time.

This experimentation allows us to understand Beatrice’s dual soul. b: refined but at the same time safe and independent.
The strong tension between solid and fluid is expressed by the “maxi-rose” print in which the feminine impact is floral embraces with geometric influences of the 70s.

The chromatic essence of bio-lime collides with black and white creating renewed tartans in which the fluidity of the fabric gives refined causal notes. The optical effects created by the “wavey” print are applied to structured fabrics such as cotton canvas.Beatrice.b Classy Linen Lines Spring Summer 2020 collectionPerforated tone-on-tone heat-seams on unstructured garments such as dusters and minimal jackets fill the corner of an active allure in which the men’s bermuda shorts and the double-breasted blazer venture innovative looks.

Bio-lime migrates within a new universe, in which burgundy and smoked salmon tones are combined with cream contrast stitching creating an elegant and at the same time captivating corner. The biolime mini dress and the bomber jacket with maxi pockets meet the printed silk which gives fluidity and refinement to the whole.

Pink evolves and splits into several shades creating a soft and refined theme in which abstract prints bring delicate sensations to life which create a perfect balance with regimental printing.

This fluidity of tones is transferred to the cotton poplin: fresh dresses, pleated skirts and maxi shirts become a harmonious patch in which there is no lack of embroidered details taken from the beige background print, in which stylized palm graphics create a minimal and contemporary ramage.

The duality and tensions between opposite concepts are translated by inserting strong colors such as orange stamina and burgundy. The chromatic impact remains of the same intensity but the nuances change: purple, combined with mint and green.

Brilliant creates a dynamic mood, in which tropical prints fit into universes of natural fabrics, where fluid dresses in embroidered silk and cotton with heat-seams define the brand’s DNA. Structured garments are gradually abandoned, to leave room for the lightness that characterizes summer garments, fresh and functional.Beatrice.b Classy Linen Lines Spring Summer 2020 collectionThe sea meets the mainland converging in a mood full of charm where you can breathe the saline air and carefree summer in the tropics.

Here tight-fitting silk dresses with smocking, the kimono patch and vintage-cut blouses with inlays in knitwear trigger a new way of conceiving the looks for the holidays. Washed denim adds a street and gritty touch to the mood giving it a new boost.

It is in this context that the brand’s new extension fits, which features a bikini capsule and beachwear, an expression of the energy and strength that have distinguished Beatrice.b for several seasons now.

This capsule has been designed as an integral part of the collection, with cross pieces from use not only as a swimwear, but also as a body and top.

The prints used are the same as those of the collection, combined with light silk or net kaftans for a total look studied at 360 ° thanks also to the clutch bag and the maxi bag frayed in hand-woven straw-paper.

The Beatrice. b accessories introduce an ironic but at the same time refined note to the collection: multicolor sandals, mules in leather and hyper-colored clutches they become small pieces to be played transversely throughout the collection.

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