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Francesca Marchisio Fall Winter 2020/21 collection (photo by Giuseppe Spena)

A challenge of colors and shapes, all sustainable and signed by Francesca Marchisio – Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

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by Gaia Schiavetti . photo by Giuseppe Spena
Sustainability, quality and up-cycling combined together. Impossible? No! Certainly complicated and for few to make them coincide in a single product but Francesca Marchisio is the proof that a mix can be achieved with commitment, study and dedication.

The brand’s Fall Winter 2020/21 collection, simultaneous contrast, seeks a balance between the sustainability of techniques and materials, the aesthetics of the product and its functionality.

This is the ambitious mission of Francesca Marchisio who, with this Fall Winter 2020/21 collection, decides to focus on color combinations. Did you know that each color gives a different effect depending on the shade which you choose to combine it with? “Science, not magic” someone would say. We only trust the facts and carefully observe the work of Francesca Marchisio who does not disappoint at all.

In its Fall Winter 2020/21 collection, each garment can be combined differently and the colors change not only the chromatic perception but also the style. Take for example the CITY blazer which can be combined with tone-on-tone overcoats for a minimal-chic look or with contrasting colors for a urban style.Francesca Marchisio Fall Winter 2020/21 collection (photo by Giuseppe Spena)The goal is to have few items for multiple occasions, always iconic. The result of this research is the deconstructed SPIRITUAL cape which becomes a garment that accompanies throughout the Fall Winter 2020/ 21 wearing it with overlaied outfits.

How does Francesca Marchisio deals with the coldest days? With heavier fabrics filling the interior with light wadding and choosing fabrics and combinations with extreme care so that each garment is very hot without losing its design.

The BODILY biker is made on one side in Multiweather Control wool and on the other in quilted technical fabric. The CONSCIOUS and THE COAT coats are also strengthened with padded interiors but are made unique by the transformable details such as the sleeves that open up as cape sleeves and the asymmetrical belt.

This transformist trend is expressed in the reversible organic cotton OUTOFOFFICE longuette to be worn with colorful multipatches or in a monochromatic way.

You will have understood that sustainability is key to the brand and this Fall Winter 2020/21 collection but if you want to know more let me talk about these two garments made with production waste: the SPICY top and the MIX & MATCH longuette.

The shirt H24 is added, decorated with a transfer print that does not require the use of water; the EVERYDAY trousers are always made of organic cotton, the same used for applications on other garments. Francesca Marchisio has developed an Fall Winter 2020/21 collection that manages to make many elements work together.

The search for sustainable production would be an end in itself if it were not surrounded by a very successful chromatic work and an ambitious play of cuts and elements.

The most interesting piece of the collection in my opinion is the SHIFTING reversible trench coat. In this case Francesca Marchisio exploits the characteristics of wool to warm the garment and make it waterproof without PFC finishing but lightens it thanks to the combed finish of the same wool and the organic cotton details.

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