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Iuri for Maryling - The design bag for Spring Summer 2020

Iuri for Maryling – The design bag for Spring Summer 2020

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The design bag signed by the designer of one of the last finalists of Who is on next? Reinterprets the style of the pret à porter
brand in the name of chromatic geometrism.

Maryling‘s experimental modernism and Iuri‘s rigorous design meet in a new bag that enhances the concepts of strength, functionality and beauty.

A collaboration, at its debut with Spring Summer 2020, born from the common passion for beauty tout court that derives from the continuous dialogue between aesthetics and experimentalism from which an accessory with a pure volume comes to life and in which sophisticated lines mix with classic influences .

A bag, available in two color variations – cream and beige, cream and electric blue – which Jure Stropnik, Iuri designer, reinvented starting from the rectangular shape which he made dynamic with two side gussets and the addition of a flap closure, to connect the handle to the bag and bring it to the foreground.Iuri for Maryling - The design bag for Spring Summer 2020                                                    Iuri for Maryling

A geometric architecture that summarizes the double signature of the two brands in which the bag appears monolithic, pure and sophisticated: the skin is smooth and sinuous, the color palette enhances its agile essence.

A project that marks the debut of the collaboration between Maryiling and Iuri in the name of Made in Italy, with which the Slovenian designer’s brand confirms its vocation for the accessory segment: after the success of its line of socks, full of geometries and of colors translated by Mondrian, has launched its own collection of minimalist and design leather goods which, with this iconic bag, reaches a further evolution.

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