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Apepazza Spring Summer 2020

The magnetism of the mermaid woman, Apepazza Spring Summer 2020

by Giorgia Crescia
The charming, enchanting, sensual and elegant woman is the mermaid woman, the protagonist of the Apepazza Spring Summer 2020 collection. The new line is inspired by mythical and fascinating creatures, irresistible singing women, elegant figures capable of strong magnetism.

Every woman has a sinuous, free, curious and enterprising siren hidden inside her.

The collection recalls the marine transparencies, the textures of the thin corals that look like jewels, the treasures hidden in the seas, the marine vegetation and the soft and enchanting floating of the jellyfish.

Diamonds stand out alongside PVC, micro rhinestones and multicolor stones that enchant you as if they were coral reefs, metallic links that sparkle on jewel solders.Apepazza Spring Summer 2020The historic Apepazza vocation is re-interpreted in an unprecedented form, sinuous heels also in half height, square or island-like.

Leather strap-net or sandals with floral prints, laminates, silk rouches and asymmetries and thick ankle straps, these are some of the characteristics of the whole line. The intent of the Apepazza 2020 spring-summer collection is to offer footwear not only capable of capturing attention but also of offering a comfortable as well as beautiful option.

New structures and light bottoms for sneakers, colored and written soles, transparent and rainbow effect parade alongside the classic Apepazza models with internal wedge; there are still new raised ruds and sandals, invisible internal or external multicolored wedges.

The collection is enriched with iridescent touches thanks to the laminate and the fluorescent details and light transparencies.

A line designed by women for their sisters. The message that these shoes want to send is a message of complicity, creativity and freedom.

But it is not over, the collection inside is enriched by a capsule collection signed Eleonora Pedron that carries on the Apepazza Vip project.

The capsule is linked to the vein inspired by the moon and the planets, in fact, it is precisely the moon symbol to appear on some footwear through half-moon or full moon studs on gladiator sandals and on slingbacks or even through leather and games of uppers in the décolleté and sandals. Here too, comfort is not lost and here all shoes are equipped with memory foam.Apepazza Spring Summer 2020The Apepazza brand born in 1983 is enriched day by day, maintaining the attention to detail, for the finishes, acquiring more and more valuable leathers.

A line that through notes of colour, fashion but also sporty, brings on the catwalk, from boutique models to running day by day all united by a single message, the  love for women.

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