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Chopard loves cinema

Chopard loves cinema – The great films of the Cannes Film Festival

P.Rew.: Bertelli Pigola Press Office
Over its 72 editions, the Cannes Film Festival, of which Chopard is Official Partner, has awarded numerous feature films that have written the history of great cinema.

ur experts in the seventh art have selected six, all recognized by the Palme d’Or, to be looked at or viewed without moderation.

Chopard loves cinema - La dolce vitaFederico Fellini, 1960 La dolce vita
The Roman raids of a hedonistic hero played by the irresistible Marcello Mastroianni. This cheerfully decadent film, winner of the Palme d’Or and condemned by the Vatican, represents the consecration of the golden age of Italian cinema. Anita Ekberg’s bathroom in the Trevi Fountain, wearing a black mermaid dress, is the absolute symbol of the Joy of Living, as well as one of the most iconic scenes in the whole history of cinema.

Chopard loves cinema - Jacques Demy, 1964 Les Parapluies de CherbourgJacques Demy, 1964 Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
The crazy bet of a fully sung film that hides a deep melancholy behind its pastel colors. Catherine Deneuve, revelation of the film, radiates her innocent beauty. This great popular feature, which flows on the captivating notes of the composer Michel Legrand, restores its charm to life and continues to inspire directors from all over the world, such as Damien Chazelle in his La La Land.

Chopard loves cinema - Bob Fosse, 1980 All that jazz lo spettacolo continuaBob Fosse, 1980 All that jazz the show continues
This musical comedy about the theatricality of life exalts the bodies and drags them into a whirlwind of dance and music with a cathartic effect. The Golden Palm won ex aequo with Kagemusha – The shadow of the warrior of the master Akira Kurosawa, is a declaration of love on Broadway.

Jane Campion, 1983 Lezioni di PianoJane Campion, 1983 Piano Lessons
Piano lessons
, the first and only Palme d’Or won by a woman, is shot among the sublime landscapes of New Zealand and puts nature and instinct at the center of everything. This symphony of the senses earned the actress Interpretation féminine for best actress in Cannes to actress Holly Hunter, the incarnation of fire under ice. That year, another impossible love story conquered La Palma ex aequo: Farewell my concubine directed by Chen Kaige, the first Chinese director to obtain this cinematographic recognition.

Chopard loves cinema . Quentin Tarantino, 1994 Pulp FictionQuentin Tarantino, 1994 Pulp Fiction
By rewarding the outsider Quentin Tarantino, a young director for his second film, the President of the Jury Clint Eastwood decided to bet on the future. Maximum reference of pop culture, Pulp Fiction is an authentic adrenaline injection that has changed the face of modern cinema, as well as one of the funniest Palms in the history of Cannes.

Chopard loves cinema . Kore-Eda, 2018 Un affare di famigliaKore-Eda, 2018 A family affair
Shocked by this delicate Japanese family history, an ode to joy and solidarity, Cate Blanchett and the jury awarded the feature film with the supreme reward. A palm tree attributed with the heart.

History of masterpieces
Our passion for the seventh art is unconditional and for this reason we offer you to discover two beautiful stories of cinema with these documentaries that retrace the life of two extraordinary jewels made inside our Haute Joaillerie workshops.

Alexis veller, La légende de la Palme d’or
She is the real star of the Cannes Film Festival: the Palme d’Or! With the documentary La Légende de la Palme d’Or (Alexis Veller, 2015), you can relive its history, from the fair and supportive gold mines of South America to the closing ceremony of the Festival. This first film entirely dedicated to the trophy gives voice to some of the greatest artists who won it, from Martin Scorsese to Jane Campion and Quentin Tarantino. An adventure full of memories and emotions!

An absolute stone. The Queen of Kalahari
Follow the path of the most precious and impressive diamond ever worked by the Maison. Queen of Kalahari (Alexis Veller, 2017) is a documentary that leaves you breathless. In her work, Alexis Veller traces the journey of this 342-carat diamond of unique purity, from when a woman discovered it in a Botswana mine until her arrival in the Chopard laboratories in Geneva. An eternal diamond who wrote an important chapter in the history of jewelry!

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