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Levi’s “Madev & Crafted”

Levi’s “Made & Crafted” Spring Summer 2020 collection

P.Rew.: Denim Boulard
Elevated details. Laid-back style. This Levi’s “Made & Crafted” season’s collection is inspired by the deserts of Morocco juxtaposed with our heritage of California cool.

Clean lines, sun-faded colors and hand-bleached fabrics meet relaxed silhouettes, to create your new travel-inspired essentials.Levi’s “Madev & Crafted”This California Casbah collection fuses the bohemian spirit of the two sun- soaked paradises. It’s all mixed with the street style proportions, Western accents, and high-quality materials and construction that have come to define Levi’s Made & Crafted.

This season, the collection moves further into sustainability. Examples include an increased use of a fabric called TencelTM x RefibraTM, a durable, high-quality fiber made of wood sourced from responsibly managed forests and recycled cotton scraps.Cottonized hemp, too, moves the needle on sustainability.Levi’s “Madev & Crafted”Woven into the Oversized Type II Trucker and the Barrel in Majorelle, it’s hemp that’s been made to feel indistinguishable from traditional cotton and uses significantly less water and pesticides in its production.

And finally, Levi’s Made & Crafted will incorporate Organically grown cotton in denim bottoms, denim truckers and knit tops.

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