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Cannella | La tuta di Cannella per un'estate...unica!

The Cannella suit for a summer … unique!

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A single piece – in every sense – that has been part of the history of fashion for 100 years: a timeless classic, re-proposed in every season, perfect both in the dailywear version and in the deluxe mode, is the suit signed by Cannella

The all-in-one, as it is called in the USA, born as a work uniform and become the key piece of the wardrobe of celebs from all over the world, takes on the new, yet another interpretation by the brand, which has made it for some time one of the it pieces of its collections.Made in the coolest texture of summer – linen and viscose -, it has the bodice characterized by soft folds and the waist highlighted by a fabric belt: what makes it indispensable, in addition to the fact that it is good for any type of physicality, are the wide cropped-cut trousers.

The line is fluid, the look is sophisticated, an ideal jumpsuit for free time as well as for a more formal, flexible and adaptable occasion for any eventuality.
The neutral color adds an extra touch of elegance making it perfect for playing with accessories and making it an iconic piece for every woman’s style.Cannella | La tuta di Cannella per un'estate...unica!The Cannella suit

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