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Pyrenex, Spring Summer 2020 collection #TAILORING

Pyrenex, Spring Summer 2020 collection #TAILORING

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Based between the Pyrenees and the ocean, Pyrenex summarizes decades of technical and fashion experience to offer a contemporary style.

Lightness, technical materials and well-defined cuts combine in a range of fresh and bold colors. The result is a very refined sports product, with or without a feather, but always protective and ultra comfortable.

The story of Pyrenex, a love of feathers
Our story begins in 1859 when Abel Crabos, the great grandfather, met Marie, the woman who would become his wife. By marrying her, he also married the feather trade, taking over his feather-gathering business from his father-in-law.

He worked in his own name, in the market square in Saint Sever and in the market pavilions, where he collected feathers from local farms. Back then, recycling waste was a common activity, but this is a capability that the company has kept alive, making it a precursor of the circular economy.Pyrenex, Spring Summer 2020 collection #TAILORINGFrom the simple collection of feathers, this small company began to expand and began to process and sort them. A few years later, with the arrival of his son René, the company began to modernize by perfecting the sorting and processing of feathers, allowing to obtain a raw material of the highest quality. The small company grew and developed its own distinctive character, in which commitment, trust, and solidarity were the keywords.

Furthermore, upset by the conditions experienced by the prisoners of Saint Sever during the Second World War, René’s wife, Marie Crabos, had the idea of ​​using the family’s skills to help them.

Knowing that they were working outdoors in the winter in Germany, he decided he had to do something for them. He convinced René that they had to make jackets to protect them from the cold. And so the first padded “support jacket” was born.Pyrenex, Spring Summer 2020 collection #TAILORINGIn 1960, René’s son André created the company’s first bedding items, including duvets, quilts and pillows. This marked the beginning of a new business, which had its primacy in the early 70s, with the company moving from the feather trade to the production of finished products.

All the intricate, delicate and high-quality processing skills of feathers have therefore been passed on from generation to generation, from the collection, washing and selection of feathers to production, with the result of the emergence of an authentic brand.

Everyone contributed in their own way, playing their small part in this exciting story, which saw Pyrenex finally become what it is today, a traditional brand that conveys a unique cultural heritage in which man and nature are inseparable. From a love story, it has become a family story and then a story of men and women
who share the same values ​​and united by the same passion, the passion for feathers.

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